RUMOR: Frank Miller Involved With Warner Bros.' JUSTICE LEAGUE Film?

RUMOR: Frank Miller Involved With Warner Bros.' JUSTICE LEAGUE Film?

RUMOR: Frank Miller Involved With Warner Bros.' JUSTICE LEAGUE Film?

That's the latest rumor about Warner Bros. adaptation of DC comic's premiere superhero team, the Justice League. Continue on to read just what [reportedly] transpired when a Warner Bros. research team ventured into a comic shop.

Reports Bleeding Cool:

An undercover Warner Bros. marketing/research team ventured into an undisclosed comic book shop and began asking a series of question to gauge what fans reactions are to Marvel Studios, the Justice League and Frank Miller. Here are the highlights of said covert operation---

-They entered posing as fans, but it was obvious to staff by the time they finished their first question that they were not.

-One of their first questions was whether fans would accept a DC superhero movie without Christopher Nolan directing and if he served as a producer, would that placate fans?

- They also asked what fans thought of Aquaman and what roster would fans want for the Justice League?

- They reportedly mocked the Ant-Man film only to become worried when the staff said it would probably be cool.

- They appeared extremely interested in discussing the obscure characters that were related to the Justice League.

-The final question was "What would fan reaction be to a Justice League movie with Frank Miller’s name attached?”

This all seems a bit surreal but stranger things have happened I suppose. The most interesting tidbit for me was the marketing teams assurance that a film would be released in 2014. After Man of Steel, there's currently nothing forthcoming from Warner Bros.' in the superhero adaptation business. At least nothing officially announced. Aside from that comment, we also have no idea what's exactly meant by a "Justice League movie with Frank Miller's name attached" comment. Is he rewriting Will Beall's (Gangster Squad) script, producing or directing? Time will only tell, we'll be sure to post any additional developments as they unfold.I'd also counsel that [if true] this was a marketing team not any of the decision-makers involved with the film. Their sole agenda is to simply acquire as much data and feedback as possible and often times, these individuals don't really know anything about the subject their gathering data on.

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Frank Miller co-directed Sin City, directed The Spirit and has written a number of screenplays for comic
book adaptations. Is he on Warner Bros. radar for Justice League?

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