RUMOR: Warner Bros. Developing World's Finest Superman/Batman Team-Up Movie!

RUMOR: Warner Bros. Developing <i>World's Finest</i> Superman/Batman Team-Up Movie!

According to questionable sources, Warner Bros. are silently developing a "Worlds Finest" movie, teaming up DC's man of steel and caped crusader. Make the jump and check it out!

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Sources of the questionable ThinkMcFlyThink site are now claiming that Warner Bros. are quietly developing a "Worlds Finest" film teaming up Superman and Batman. And while the site further claims a Justice League film is lifting off the ground, the site says:

Sources tell TMT WB is keen on getting a Justice League movie going and still high on The Flash despite Green Lantern being neither the critical or commercial success they'd hoped for nor was it embraced by fans. But the studio is also quietly developing a Batman/Superman team-up movie.

Similar to Justice League, the Brothers Warner has wanted to get their two biggest superheroes on the same screen together for years. The closest it came to fruition was Batman vs. Superman with Wolfgang Peterson-directing from a script by Andrew Kevin Walker. That fell apart as we all know, but executives loved that script.

On the subject of whether the actors currently filling the roles, Christian Bale and Henry Cavill, would return, the site adds:

In a classic case of covering your ass, what we're hearing is two separate incarnations are being tooled. One version where the World's Greatest Detective is firmly established and helps mentor an up-and-coming, fresh-faced Supes and vice versa. Essentially, they're hoping they can woo Christian Bale back into the cape-and-cowl for a fourth time and in case the Oscar-winner tells them, "No thanks, I'm done!", they'll go for a new actor altogether. Both versions would feature Henry Cavill's Last Son of Krypton.

Are these plans definite? No, as we mentioned earlier WB, by their own admission, is back into the Justice League mind-set in addition to The Flash, another iteration of Batman, a hypothetical The Man of Steel sequel (Of course, that depends on how the first movie does plus any outcome to the Shuster/Siegel court-cases), etc.

Again, theres no telling whether this is true. However, do think it's possible past rumors of WB developing the Justice League film WITHOUT Superman and Batman be because of World's Finest?
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