<font color=Red>SCOOP:</font> Nolan In, Bale Out Of JUSTICE LEAGUE

A couple of days ago we got some pretty exciting news, that Christopher Nolan will be producing Justice League, and could possibly bring back Christian Bale as Batman. However, my source is saying something a little different, click here to check it out.

Ah Justice League....DC/Warner Brothers attempt to get all of their most famous heroes together on the big screen to compete with Marvel's The Avengers has had it share of rumors and set backs. A couple of days ago El Mayimbe over at Latino-Review, who I respect a great deal, ran the news that Christopher Nolan will help usher in Justice League as a Producer. Nolan will also help Godfather some of DC's other superhero movies as well. He also reported that not only will Nolan be back, but he will be bringing Christian Bale with him to reprise his role as Batman. The report went on to say that Man Of Steel director Zack Snyder will be on the Justice League producing team as well, and could possibly direct.

Now, here is what I am hearing from my source at WB. Yes, Nolan is involved. He is playing this pretty close to the vest, which is why you probably can expect not to hear anything official about Justice League until after Man Of Steel comes out. My source tells me in regards to DC and WB producing future superhero movies, "Fans' enthusiasm for more movies will be rewarded once MoS comes out." So based on that, DC knows fanboy(and girls) want to see more of their superheros on the big screen, but I was told that we can count on NOT hearing anything for sure until Man Of Steel hits theaters.

Also what I can confirm is that Zack Snyder will be on board as a producer, and yes possibility direct. Not only that, but his wife Deb Snyder will be producing as well. I was told look for a long list of producers that has a similar set up to Man Of Steel.

Unfortunately for some, I am hearing that Christian Bale will NOT be back as Batman. They are looking to recast the character and go with a new story. Another rumor that has floated around is that Will Beall's script has been thrown out, and David Goyer will be writing the movie. However, I'm hearing Beall's script is still in play, and that Goyer may do some rewrites or consult on the movie, but he will not write the movie. "If Bale is coming back and Goyer is penning, it's news to Warner Bros," I was told. My source is noticeably uncomfortable as well because none of this is even in pre-production, and people have already decided for themselves what's going to be in the movie. I'm told it's about making a plan to move forward with, not about anything being green-lit yet.

So there you have it party people! Keep mind this is the same source who brought me the War On Krypton, 3D conversion, and that Henry Cavill has signed a multi-picture deal info for Man Of Steel, so I trust this person. With all things though, until this is officially announced mark it down as a rumor for now. For the latest on DC Cinematic Universe, make sure to check back here at CBM.

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