SKYFALL Director Sam Mendes Reveals Whether He Would Be Interested In JUSTICE LEAGUE

SKYFALL Director Sam Mendes Reveals Whether He Would Be Interested In JUSTICE LEAGUE

Sam Mendes, director of the critically acclaimed box office smash Skyfall, talks here about the possibility of directing a comic book movie at some point in the future and comments specifically about helming Justice League. Check it out!

Sam Mendes has already revealed that he decided not to pitch his take on The Avengers because he wasn't impressed when Marvel Studios sent him a package which contained little more than a piece of paper with the release date on it and a handful of comics books, but how does he feel about Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment's Justice League? The Skyfall director reveals all in this lengthy chat with our friends over at Collider, so be sure to head to the 13:25 mark in order to hear his thoughts on that and the possibility of brining any other comic books to the big screen in future.

"I've never felt that that [Justice League] was in my comfort zone. I went with my son to see 'The Avengers' and loved it, but I just looked at it and thought, 'He's done it brilliantly. How on Earth...where do you start?!' For me, what I love about Bond is that it has a basis in reality. Everything is a real, physical special effect and it's supplemented by visual effects."

"But when you're working the other way around and your basic storytelling is on blue screen, I would be lost. I've got to be honest. It's just a totally different world. You have to work at a different speed, a different pace, it's much, much more under conceptual art, much more pre-vis and it's not what gives me pleasure as a filmmaker. I love real people; actors in real spaces and that's what I feed off and what drives me. If you take that away, I would find it very difficult."

"It depends how it's handled. There are some comic book movies like 'The Dark Knight' or the second 'X-Men' movie for example that didn't feel as if they were set in an entirely fantasy universe and they were inspiring to me because I thought that somehow you could see they were possible to make."

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