SPOILERS: Did Joss Whedon Take A Swipe At JUSTICE LEAGUE In The Movie's Opening Credits?

<font color=red>SPOILERS:</font> Did Joss Whedon Take A Swipe At JUSTICE LEAGUE In The Movie's Opening Credits?

Justice League is now playing in theaters and feels more like a Joss Whedon movie than a Zack Snyder one. However, the filmmaker has said very little about his work on the movie and we may now know why...

Joss Whedon didn't get a credit as co-director on Justice League but he was named as a writer alongside Chris Terrio. That's because the filmmaker obviously penned those reshoots (as well as directing them) and as we've established, he added a lot to the movie and changed it in a big way. 

Despite being involved in such a key way, Whedon hasn't shared so much as a Tweet in support of the movie or offered a single interview about his role in proceedings (that latter point isn't particularly surprising). Whedon did, however, favourite a series of Tweets criticising the movie - specifically Steppenwolf - something which upset a lot of fans and generated a fair bit of negative press.

Well, now another theory is doing the rounds. During Justice League's opening credits, Terrio and Whedon's names come up when we see a despondent homeless man on the street and the scene immediately after that features a placard he's holding which reads, "I tried." As you can imagine, many believe this was a message of sorts from Whedon suggesting he tried (and failed) to save the movie.

It's also possible this was a coincidence but you can't blame people for assuming this is the case! What do you guys think? Is this a not so subtle dig at Justice League or are people jumping to conclusions?
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