SPOILERS: JUSTICE LEAGUE - 43 Amazing New Official Images Focus On Steppenwolf And A Number Of Key Moments

SPOILERS: JUSTICE LEAGUE - 43 Amazing New Official Images Focus On Steppenwolf And A Number Of Key Moments

<font color=red>SPOILERS:</font> JUSTICE LEAGUE - 43 Amazing New Official Images Focus On Steppenwolf And A Number Of Key Moments

A new batch of images from Justice League have been revealed and you'll definitely want to take a look at these as the focus is put on Atlantis, Steppenwolf, Parademons, unexpected meetings, and more.

We're now just days away from the release of Justice League and excitement for the movie is at an all-time high. While you obviously don't want too much spoiled before seeing it in theaters, a new batch of official images has been released today which offers a look at some key moments from the DC Comics adaptation. Among them are a visit to Apokolips alongside loads of fresh character shots. 

Those include all the members of the Justice League, not to mention some iconic DC Comics locations and supporting characters like Dr. Silas Stone, Commissioner Jim Gordon, and Steppenwolf's army.

Some of the photos below could be considered spoilery but we don't think there's anything here that will ruin the movie; if anything, they'll just make you even more excited and intrigued to check it out...

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Parademon Takes Aim

Steppenwolf's army consists of the monstrous Parademons and based on this image, they're going to be pretty damn formidable looking (and Chitauri style cannon fodder for the team).

Gotham City P.D.

Is that a new take on Harvey Bullock or just a random supporting character in the Gotham City P.D.? Either way, this confirms that Jim Gordon does more than stand on that rooftop!

Wonder Woman

There were a lot of haters when she was first cast in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice but you need only look at this image for confirmation that Gal Gadot simply is Wonder Woman. 

Steppenwolf Under The Sea

A scene glimpsed in the movie's trailers, this shot of Steppenwolf in Atlantis is pretty awesome and will probably conclude with him nabbing another Mother Box after battling Aquaman.

Alfred And Diana

Seeing Alfred Pennyworth and Diana Prince working side by side is just one of the many unexpected meeting that is no doubt going to make Justice League feel like something truly special.

Parademons Attack

The Batmobile was destroyed in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and it appears as if the same might happen again in Justice League when it comes under attack from Parademons. 


Amber Heard makes a cameo appearance as Mera in Justice League but it will be next year's Aquaman movie that we get to spend a significant amount of time with Arthur Curry's wife.

Diana Prince In The Batcave

A great shot of Diana Prince in the Batcave, the Batmobile can be seen in the background and there's a very good chance this sequence takes place in Bruce Wayne's hangar.

The Flying Fox

Speaking of which, here's a better look at that hangar and The Flying Fox. Is this also hidden beneath Wayne Manor or at another location entirely? We'll find out this coming Friday! 

Martha Kent And Lois Lane

Both mourning the death of Clark Kent/Superman, Lois Lane and Martha Kent meet up here to no doubt talk about the man they both loved unaware that he'll soon return from the dead. 

R.I.P. Superman

A new look at the monument built following the Man of Steel's demise, it should be interesting finding out whether he'll return here or if it will somehow be destroyed during Steppenwolf's attack.

Parademon #2

Another look at one of the Paredemons who will serve Steppenwolf in Justice League. They look pretty close to their comic book counterparts and are suitably fierce looking. 

Bringing Out The Big Guns

Batman was widely criticised for his use of deadly force during his last big screen appearance but with Steppenwolf now the target if his guns, he's souping up the Batmobile in a big way here.

Wonder Woman Leaps Into Action

This is a moment we've seen in the trailers for the movie as Wonder Woman leaps into action to protect a group of civilians from armed robbers and the pose she's doing in this still is downright iconic.

Wonder Woman Makes An Entrance

Another trailer moment, this shot of Wonder Woman effortlessly busting through a couple of doors is nothing short of awesome and really emphasises how powerful the character is. 

Behold Steppenwolf

Perhaps our best look at Steppenwolf yet, there's no denying that this is an interesting take on the character but it's hard to escape the feeling that he could and should have looked a little better.

The Bat-Signal

A simple enough image, this shot of the Bat-signal is nothing short of iconic and while it's something we've seen on the big screen a number of times, it's still cool to see it here.

Wonder Woman In Action

Another moment from the trailers, this scene comes shortly after the Flash manages to push Diana's sword back into her hand during what looks set to be an intense battle with Steppenwolf. 

The Mother Box

A great look at one of the Mother Boxes, it's not clear if this is the same one which transformed Victor Stone into Cyborg but having it in his possession will make Silas Stone one of Steppenwolf's targets!

Lois Lane

A simple enough shot of Lois Lane, we still don't know what sort of role she'll play in Justice League or how much she'll interact with the team but expect her to be there when Superman returns! 

Alfred Pennyworth

Another pretty straightforward shot of one of the movie's characters, there's no getting around the fact that Jeremy Iron has been perfectly cast for this particular interpretation of Alfred Pennyworth.

R.I.P. Superman #2

Is this where that empty casket was buried? It's possible as we know that Clark Kent was laid to rest in Smallville and if he does break out of any grave, it will wind up being that one. 

Cyborg...On The Run?

After being in a terrible car accident, Victor Stone is more machine than man and it appears as if he attempts to conceal that with a hood before he's eventually recruited for the League.

The Flash's Mask

A closer look at the mask created by Barry Allen, it remains to be seen whether he's given a new costume by Batman or is going to keep him homemade duds until Flashpoint.

Jim Gordon (Sans Hat)

Just like we have an older Bruce Wayne in the DC Films Universe, we also have an older Commissioner Jim Gordon. However, look closely and you'll notice there's still some red in his hair!

A Superhero Meeting

The CGI here clearly isn't finished on Ray Fisher's Cyborg but what an awesome shot of the team - in their civilian outfits - gathering on what appears to be The Flying Fox. 

Alfred And Bruce

Bruce Wayne and Alfred Pennyworth often butted heads in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice but has their relationship improved in Justice League? This does look like a pretty tense exchange! 

The Flash's Costume

Many fans have found fault with the Flash's appearance in Justice League but there's no denying that the suit looks pretty cool and is an impressive creation by Barry Allen. 

Jim Gordon In Gotham City

Another simple shot of one of the movie's characters, J.K. Simmons' Jim Gordon looks like he's been torn straight out of the pages of the comic books and he's probably looking up at Batman here.

Silas Stone

This is a really random shot and was probably taken for publicity purposes only as it's hard to imagine Dr. Silas Stone standing around grinning like this for some reason in the movie! 

The Batmobile Aboard The Flying Fox

The Batmobile hasn't really been redesigned for Justice League but some changes have definitely been made here and there and it's great seeing it in The Flying Fox's hanger like this. 

Diana Prince

Where is Diana Prince in this shot? That looks a little like the lake near Bruce Wayne's home and while she might just be taking a break from the Batcave, perhaps she's spent the night in his pad!

Gotham City Meeting

An alternate shot of the Justice League meeting with Commissioner Jim Gordon on the rooftop of Gotham City P.D., this is something most of us thought would only ever be seen in the comics.

Batman And Jim Gordon

Jim Gordon only has a handful of scenes in Justice League and is expected to return in The Batman but it's nice to see him and the Caped Crusader get some alone time here. 

Alfred Gets To Work

Alfred will pilot The Flying Fox in Justice League but is clearly still working on Bruce Wayne's tech as he can be seen repairing one of the hero's gauntlets here and no doubt improving it in some way.

Lois Lane #2

A rather solemn shot of Lois Lane, you have to believe she's probably looking at a photograph of Clark Kent here in a scene which takes place before the Man of Steel returns from the dead.

Arthur Curry

Those tattoos must have taken an awful lot of time to cover Jason Momoa with but he looks awesome and clearly got seriously ripped for his role as Arthur Curry in Justice League.

Cyborg And A Mother Box

It's been reported that Cyborg is essentially a living Mother Box after his father uses one to save his life but it appears as if the hero has got his hands on another of them in this shot from the movie.

Steppenwolf And His Parademons

Steppenwolf probably arrives on Earth via a Boom Tube so is this our first look at Apokolips? Unless the villain has a spaceship, it appears as if that may indeed be the case. 

Barry Allen's Pad

Is Barry Allen a graffiti artist in his spare time or just living in a bit of a slum? It's hard to say but the Fastest Man Alive's apartment definitely has a pretty unique setting as his home.

Cyborg Close-Up

Fans have been divided over Cyborg's CGI look in Justice League but it's fair to say that this close up shot is very cool and points to him looking better than most of us ever expected!


This isn't the best shot of Atlantis but it's cool to see Aquaman beneath the sea and we know from the trailers that he avoids Steppenwolf's axe seconds after this moment takes place.

Victor Stone

Are we getting flashbacks in Justice League or does Vic Stone find a way to hide his new robotic appearance?Hopefully it's not the latter as that takes a lot away from the character. 
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