SPOILERS: JUSTICE LEAGUE - 8 Major NEW Details You Need To Know From Empire Magazine

SPOILERS: JUSTICE LEAGUE - 8 Major NEW Details You Need To Know From Empire Magazine

<font color=red>SPOILERS:</font> JUSTICE LEAGUE - 8 Major NEW Details You Need To Know From Empire Magazine

Empire Magazine recently had the chance to visit the set of Justice League (during Joss Whedon's reshoots) and we've combed through it to bring you all the biggest new story reveals and interview excerpts!

Justice League may only be a month or so away from hitting theaters but there's still an awful lot we don't know about the movie. A new trailer is expected to be released at some point this week but the latest issue of Empire Magazine (which goes on sale this Thursday) is packed full of revealing details, interviews, and spoilers about what's to come in Warner Bros.' highly anticipated superhero ensemble.

What you'll find below is a breakdown of all of those, including fresh intel on Superman's moustache, the evolving tone as Warner Bros. moves towards comedy, the Mother Boxes, and much, much more. 

There's nothing here that will ruin the movie for you but if you're excited for Justice League and want to know what you should expect, you're going to want to keep reading! In fact, it's worth clicking through just to find out what Ben Affleck had to say about the "porn-stache" that Henry Cavill has been rocking as the Man of Steel during Joss Whedon's recent reshoots for the November release.

8. Justice League Isn't Wonder Woman 1.5

Since the release of Wonder Woman, there's been a lot of talk about Justice League reshoots giving Gal Gadot's Amazon warrior a much larger role in the movie. No one would blame Warner Bros. for heading down that route given the surprise success of her solo movie this summer but it seems that her role will remain mostly unchanged here as the actress was quick to point out that the highly anticipated superhero ensemble isn't suddenly going to become Wonder Woman 1.5.

"I did one week," she confirms. "Diana serves as the glue of the team. She finds moments to support every one of the team and make them feel stronger or believe in themselves." Gadot concludes by making it clear that Diana Prince is very much on the same level of her teammates in terms of screentime, adding: "But this is not a Wonder Woman movie."

7. A Trip To The Batcave And A Lot More Humour

Empire describes a scene with the League arriving in the Batcave and the Flash, in particular, sounds very excited to be there. After returning from a battle which has apparently left them with a "slight setback," the mood isn't great but the Fastest Man Alive is waving merrily at Alfred, Bruce Wayne's loyal butler who goes on to steal the show with a series of humorous sounding lines.

Among them are "If you'd warned me, I would have baked a cake" , "I'll break open the party hats and the pinata" and "I'll make some tea. Don't know where I'll find the cups." This all concludes with Aquaman calling Alfred a "badass" and it's clear an emphasis has been put on humour. Ben Affleck even says that "You get to see Batman smile. For the first time!" Talk about a change, eh? Then again, Joss Whedon was at the helm of these reshoots!

6. Superman's Porn-stache

There's not a huge amount of new information about Superman here but his absence is touched on and the magazine confirms what we already know when they point out that the Man of Steel is going to return from the dead in Justice League. "It's out of his memory that Bruce is trying to put this team together," says Ray Fisher. "The world is suffering from the loss of Superman. And the ultimate sacrifice he made brings these people out."

Jason Momoa couldn't be tempted into saying anything, though, adding: "Henry? Rest in peace. He's working with Tom Cruise now. He's doing alright." Talking of Mission: Impossible, you've no doubt heard about the whole moustache fiasco and Ben Affleck was quick to address that head-on. "It was a full-on porn star moustache. He looked like a porn star from the '70s, just with a better body. It's a different twist on Superman." Thank God for those talented CGI guys, eh?

5. A Truly Diverse Superhero Team

"DC's going to be changing the name to Diversity Comics pretty soon," laughs Cyborg actor Ray Fisher when talk turns to what a diverse cast Justice League will deliver. "You're dealing with the only member of the Justice League who is African-American. You're dealing with the only member of the Justice League who is in some ways what some would consider disabled. You don't want to end up telling a story that isn't respectful of those factors. But he's going to be cool as hell."

Good news for Cyborg then but what of Aquaman? "He's white with blond hair," Jason Momoa says of his comic book counterpart. "But Zack had a vision. The fact that Aquaman is a brown-skinned superhero, I'm pretty stoked about that. I love being able to set the tone." The Avengers has been criticised for not being an overly diverse franchise but Warner Bros. clearly won't make the same mistake with this superhero ensemble!

4. A New Tone For The DC Films Universe

While most people believe that we have Joss Whedon to thank for what appears to be a much lighter tone in Justice League, the cast insists that it was always Zack Snyder's plan. Gal Gadot insists the movie is neither "dark" nor "heavy," while Ben Affleck adds that the change in tone was a natural progression for the DC Films Universe which was set to take place before Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice came out.

That's confirmed by Ezra Miller, who states: "The first time I ever sat in Zack's office, he told me people were mad at him for making things too dark." Adding that Snyder told him the darkness of Gotham needed to extend to the other heroes before Justice League as "Zack always intended for the Justice League to rise out of the darkness, and maybe even bring Batman with them. Maybe an inch."

3. The Mother Boxes

Not a huge amount about the plot is revealed here but the magazine confirms that Steppenwolf has arrived on Earth and is on the hunt for the three Mother Boxes which were divided between men, Atlanteans, and Amazons. That's nothing new but it's when the villain brings them together that the fun really starts according to Jason Momoa. "They can be destructive," the Aquaman actor teases. "And when the three boxes get together, it's bad news."

So, the stakes will be high but how can Justice League possibly hope to top Avengers: Infinity War? It's not trying to according to Ben Affleck and the pressure for this movie to define the DC Films Universe is no longer there. "It maybe takes a bit of pressure off of this movie in terms of needing to define the DC Universe," he says. "It doesn't feel like the whole world is riding on our shoulders so much."


2. The Biggest DC Comics Movie To Date?

You don't need us to tell you that Justice League will be a massive movie and visual spectacle but Ben Affleck points to it being even bigger and more exciting than any of us could have imagined. "The movie's bigger in scale than any movie I've been involved with in my career. It feels massive in terms of the visual elements. That's something that Zack is really good at. That will be admired."

That's a big promise but one which makes sense when you remember that making a movie look great is something Snyder has never struggled with. It very much sounds like Justice League will be strong in terms of the story too, though, as the entire cast promises satisfying story arcs for each of their respective characters. As for who is going to steal the show, that remains to be seen but Ezra Miller once again gets a lot of praise for his work as Barry Allen.

1. Joss Whedon's Reshoots

There's been a lot of speculation about what sort of role Joss Whedon has played in Justice League and just how much he's changed the movie but the cast insists that he hasn't come in and totally changed things. You can find their comments in full by clicking here but what Ben Affleck says is particularly interesting. "I didn't sense that we were moving towards something that felt like The Avengers," he promises.

"Joss is more than just an Avengers director. He's a good storyteller, full stop. In mid-stream, Joss got on and part of what interested him was the puzzle aspect of it, fitting in pieces that weren't there yet. He put the rest of the pieces in and gave it his own imprimatur." It certainly sounds like the filmmaker has made some big changes in terms of how the story plays out but it also doesn't sound like Justice League is now fully a Joss Whedon film.

Do these new Justice League details get you excited for the movie? As always, let us know your thoughts in the comments section down below.

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