Take A Closer Look At Upcoming JUSTICE LEAGUE Funko Pops

Take A Closer Look At Upcoming JUSTICE LEAGUE Funko Pops

Justice League will finally blast into theaters this November and if you're excited about getting your hands on some cool merchandise, these Funko Pops will be a must-have when they go on sale...

Justice League has the potential to be one of the biggest and best superhero movies to date and it will no doubt have a lot of cool merchandise for fans like us to salivate over. It was a little earlier this year that we got a first look at Funko Pops featuring the team, but official images have now been revealed which offer up a more detailed look at each member of the superhero team in this adorable form.

That's right, even Superman is here, though you may be dismayed to see him wearing his classic red and blue costume rather than the black one the vast majority have been hoping would be in the movie.

They all look pretty cool, anyway, but I would argue that The Flash is the highlight. It's thought that this is just the first wave of Pops for Justice League with Mera, Steppenwolf and other variants expected to follow. What do you guys think of these figures? Let us know in the comments section down below. 






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