That DEATHSTROKE Teaser Was Filmed On The Flying Fox

That DEATHSTROKE Teaser Was Filmed On The Flying Fox

Evidence has been uncovered that seemingly confirms that Deathstroke the Terminator will appear in Justice League before his rumored showdown with Ben Affleck's Dark Knight in the solo Batman film.

Remember that behind-the-scenes Justice League set photo featuring Zack Snyder and Jason Momoa that was released all the way back in February? There were a few instantly recognizable costumes on display such as The Flash, Batman and Aquaman but fans were going crazy trying to figure out who owned the black, nondescript costume glimpsed just above Zack Snyder's right shoulder.  Did it belong to Nightwing?  Black Manta? Green Lantern? Well, it appears that armor first seen 6 months ago was our first glimpse of Deathstroke.   It's unlikely that Ben Affleck and Zack Snyder would be looking ahead to the solo Batman film at such an early stage with so much riding on Justice League.  They wouldn't be working out the aesthetics of Deathstroke so early unless the lethal mercenary was also appearing in Justice League.  

Add that to the fact that ScreenRant, who toured the Justice League set back in June, has confirmed that the teaser footage was shot aboard The Flying Fox (Justice League's aerial base of operations as detailed in the June set visit reports) - you can just make out the new Batmobile over Deathstroke's shoulder.  

What's Deathstroke's role in Justice League and how does that lead into Ben Affleck's solo Batman movie (should that rumor prove true)?  With Batman operating in Gotham for 20 years, has The Caped Crusader and Deathstroke crossed paths before?  We still have a ton of unanswered questions and speculation is running rampant but this is exactly what Ben Affleck and Zack Snyder intended by releasing the teaser yesterday.  While we await more details, check out a rendering of what Joe Manganiello (the rumored actor underneath the mask) would look like as Deathstroke the Terminaor via Bosslogic.

boss logic fan art joe manganiello deathstroke What Joe Manganiello Could Look Like as Deathstroke
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