The Flash: Why The Scarlet Speedster needs to be the next DC film

The Flash: Why The Scarlet Speedster needs to be the next DC film

Reasons for why The Flash needs to be the next DC superhero to get a film in the potential cinematic universe.

While no, I'm not a DC fan in particular. I do like Batman and The Flash. DC has found themselves failing every time they do a film that isn't Batman or Superman. Green Lantern was a big step backwards. So, Why The Flash? In a biased reason, Barry Allen/The Flash is my favorite DC superhero. In an unbiased sense, because they could attempt at something not really done in film before with the super speed and because I think a serious (not dark and gritty) take on Barry Allen could draw in an audience. That and with the right villain and story. So, why does he need to be the next superhero from the DC roster to make a silver screen debut? Well, I have to main reasons.

1) DC Cinematic Universe

Chances are, Man of Steel will be a financial success. That being said, if it does start a Cinematic Universe. You need a hero we haven't explored before. Green Lantern failed to be a hit with the audience and Superman and Batman have been done to death. Which leaves: Wonder Woman, The Flash and Aquaman. Yes, I'm saying it should follow the line up of the original Justice League. Aquaman would be too tricky, Wonder Woman would be tricky and the fact that we've seen enough god heroes for now. Something new. The Flash is something new. Barry Allen becomes a forensic scientist after his mother's death when he was a young boy. New? Check. He gains the powers of super speed and the speed force when lightening strikes him and mixes with the chemicals he was working on. New? Check. He dons the costume after his comic book hero, Jay Garrick with the help of Ira West whom creates a ring to store his suit in. Check, check.

2) Opportunities with CGI

As I stated before, the powers of The Flash could really help CGI. Super speed, the speed force, vibrate through solid objects, ect. While not really a breakthrough or something people never done before. I think the amount though required cause of this character could actually benefit the CGI. That's just my train of thought anyways.

So, with The Scarlet Speedster being in development hell for so long. What could make a good film for, The Flash? Well for starters I think this guy I'm about to show you should still direct it.

Yes, Shawn Levy. Not the greatest director but, after finally watching Real Steel. Yes after one movie, I believe this guy could make a good Flash movie. No, Night at the Museum and it's sequel weren't all that great. But, I say give this guy a chance. Real Steel shows that even with a silly or a bit cartoony premise, he can make a good action movie and have good character moments. So, there is a good starting point. I also say, stick with Barry Allen. But, what about the story what could that be? Well, it's from a fan cast but, here's my premise for a debut Flash film.

Synopsis: Barry Allen is a young forensic scientist who works at Central City Police Department. The problem with Barry is that he is always late, after being struck by lightening during a late stay at work, he gets super speed and can control the Speed Force. He must help Central City against robbers and must rise to the challenge to face Captain Cold. A villain who has good intentions, to save his dying sister. Barry must make a decision, stop Captain Cold from saving his sister and pay for his crimes or let him go.

Yes, the villain would be Captain Cold. Nothing about the rogues but, the New 52 version of Captain Cold is my favorite Flash villain and poses a physical threat for The Flash. The reason I choice him and that particular story for a debut Flash film is because it's interesting, you could get the action and you have character moments. Not to mention a villain who isn't pure evil. He has a reason for doing what he does. I would try to blend the New 52 take on the Flash with the classic take on the Barry Allen character and his supporting cast. But, that's just me.

So, why The Flash? Cause he is an instantly likable character who is a great hero with a colorful rogues gallery. Not to mention the possibilities with the CGI and you could get great character moments. Not entirely one that at first thought would attract an audience. But, right actors, crew, director, screenwriter and story. As with anything else, you could get a very good film. As I stated before, I would never have chosen Shawn Levy in a million years for a Flash movie, had I not seen Real Steel. I would also go with, Antoine Fuqua (Training Day, Shooter, Brooklyn's Finest). Antoine Fuqa is another director proven he can do action as well as make an overall good film.

Not very long but, what do you think? Be respectful and civil when commenting below.
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