The Members Of The Justice League I Think Should Appear In The Movie And Why.

The Members Of The Justice League I Think Should Appear In The Movie And Why.

My thoughts on which Justice League member should make the cut, in the first Justice League and why.

The Members Of The Justice League I Think Should Should Appear In The Movie And Why.

Justice League 1


The Niave Idealist Of The Team. The Moralist.

Why the team needs him for their movie?

It´s obvious really, Superman is THE Superhero. The first, and the most continuously compelling. His story is simple, as elemental and as archetypical as Hercules or Moses. An alien immigrant, shot down from the stars, raised as one of us, but imbued with powers way beyond what any one of us could imagine.

In this sense Superman more than any of the other members of the group stands for and represents the core values cherished by humanity.

There is a lot of drama to be made of this situation, in that he´s a virtual demigod who sees a world that is grey in black and white terms. He´s also such a puzzling, paradox, as it is almost certain that if any human being discovered they had such power, they would almost certainly be corrupted by it. Which always begs the question, perhaps he already has.

As a final statement, it is Superman´s perfect sense of right and wrong, which when seen through the prism of his God like power, make his relation with his team mates, especially Batman so interesting. His ultimate character flaw is he is the perfect human. He´d have to be at times the moral compass of the group, but nonetheless, his sense of absolute, will come into conflict with the world´s grey areas and his team mates, who are little less idealistic, and more realist or down to Earth about how the world functions.

Wonder Woman

The Rebel Of The Team. And One Of The Main Reason People Will by Tickets.

Why the team needs her for their movie?

In the history of Wonder Woman, there´s been two popular takes on the character. One, is the goody two shoes, who almost strikes one as a female Superman. The other is a far more interesting character that contrasts in very complimentary way to the rest of the Justice League. That is the proto-feminist warrior, antiwar heroine, who is like a “fish out of water” in a world where women historically have been considered somewhat lesser than men.
It is something she just can´t comprehend. And although she is wise enough to believe in the principals of peace, she is more that ready to turn to some good old fashioned beat downs, if those who intimidate through fear, turn their gaze on the vulnerable. Even ready to kill those who themselves would kill or harm people who cannot defend themselves. But the most important thing is despite all these qualities, WW has a regal sense of grace, and femininity. She is not just a woman turned into a man, so as to be an action hero. She is woman through and through.
There´s something very interesting about this side of Diana, that would translate so well into film. Men would love it because, we all like the fantasy of powerful sexy woman with attitude. And, women because of her sense of the absolute equality between men and women, and her dignity, as well as the fact that she shows that a world run by women would actually be a hell of a lot better than the patriarchal world we call home; its a very inspiring message, to a generation of women and marginalized voices, who throughout history have been unjustly convinced of their ineptitude.


The Second Rebel Of The Team

Why the team needs him for their movie?

Batman is such an iconic figure. Again Like Superman, he´s a figure who is so elemental to the human psyche, he could be considered an Archetype. The dark avenger, who´s trained himself, body and mind, to the cause of turning fear on those who use fear as a weapon. Armed with a wonderful array of high tech weapons, but that is not the Batman’s greatest weapon. His greatest weapon is his will to act. In his endless crusade against the forces of evil, he has adopted many of their methods, but only one rule separate’s him from his sworn enemies, he will never kill, he will never be judge, jury and executioner.

In the Justice League, he is the dark side, the shadow, he knows the real world, he´s tasseled with the worst of them, and he´s seen the face of evil. This makes him cynical, reclusive, brooding, arrogant, and, untrusting. He´s essentially the bad boy of the League and we all know how we like a bad boy.
My hope is they really kit him out for the JL movie, give him a genius intellect and tactical superiority over the rest of the team.(Apart from maybe WW) I don´t want to just see Baterangs, smoke bombs and, such. He needs to be as potent as he can be as a human, so that we really get a sense he deserves to be amongst the Gods. The same goes for his villains.
Obviously a great character who´s sense of daring do, appeals to almost all of us.

Martian Manhiunter

Why the team needs him for their movie?

He connects to each character in very interesting ways. Much more so than Cyborg.
If Cyborg is chosen I will already know the writer of the screenplay is lazy, because he´s just an easier choice than MMH rather than thematically as important to the JL.

Why do I say this? Because in his own way, MMH is a perfect middle ground between the characters, which is what makes him their heart and soul. There is either an intimate connection or contrast he has with each of them.

1. He possesses the great powers of Superman which makes him a virtual God to humans and therefore a threat. They also both face the dilemma of being immigrants to this planet, but from a very contrasting perspective i.e. Superman was an adoptee to this planet since infancy, while MMH came to this planet in adulthood and aesthetically is very different to us as well.
2. His tragic past gives him a great deal of wisdom and forsight like Wonder Woman, but contrasts in the sense that his wisdom has grown from the tragedy and turmoil of his species eradication, while hers is born of her world which is a vision of justice and peace.
3. He comes from tragedy, watching his family murdered like Batman.
4. He was a soldier and knows the horror of war like Green Lantern, John Stewart.
5. And he contrasts absolutely with Flash, who is the everyman, while MMH unlike any of his teammates is truly alone in the Universe. Alien in everyway from humanity.

This gives Jónn a really fascinating dynamic with all of the characters. I see him as alienated, most of the time confining himself to the Watchtower, not wanting to engage with humanity, And therefore garnering distrust from us, as he´s seen as some distant unstoppable God in the sky.

The Green Lantern (John Stuart)

Why the team needs him for their movie?

The Soldier Of The Team And Connection Between Man And Gods.

John Stuart is the best Green lantern for a Justice League movie. Its not that I like him most of all the Green Lanterns at all; but really that he´s so undefined and therefore has great potential, without fanboys getting in arms about who plays him and if they stuck to the source material.

What we know: he´s had a military history, he was a soldier, we assume he´s fought some war or another. Almost inhuman before he´s even given his power ring. His will is superhuman which is why he´s given the power ring. I think this mixed with the fact he´s a black soldier, could make for a very interesting story, perhaps introduced in the JL movie itself.

In a way John is a very undefined Green Lantern, unfortunately in his run through the animated series and the comics, he´s mainly been a token black.

I believe the Justice League movie has the opportunity to make a real original character because he´s so undefined and it will add a bit of diversity to the group. As long as they do a good job of his character, no fan boys will be up in arms.

I think there´s a rich history of the social and political implications African Americans involved in US wars to draw on, to really make his character relevant and relatable.

John´s military history is often referenced in the animated series, but not explored.
I mean was he a badass special ops guy? Was he a true patriot, or did he feel used in unjust wars? Was he in the Gulf War? Afghanistan? Vietnam? Or, maybe a fictional satirical conflict? Did some tragedy happen to him at war? Was, he a P.O.W at one point for instance? How was his life as an African American before the war? Did he face any challenges as a black man? Was he unjustly treated by police? How would some of these experiences change his attitude towards being a superhero?
How will they differ from an idealistic middle class all American country boy? A billionaire who faced tragedy at an early age, but has nonetheless been afforded all the privileges society has to offer? A Princess, who comes from a Utopian society, in which the idea of racial tension or division is a ridiculous and cruel notion? An alien, who´s seen the cruelest side of war? And, a Generation X slacker, who struggles to take anything in life seriously?

As long as they don´t make him a token black, but make him a real person that has faced the issues that soldiers face, or, African Americans have faced (obviously not too heavy) he would be a great distinct and interesting voice in the JL.

The Flash (Wally West)

The Joker Of The Team. The Everyman We Can All Relate To.

Why the team needs him for their movie?

I think the Flash if done correctly could be a real break out star. Wally West, is the kind of guy everyone will get, he will be the guy in the film who speaks from our perspective. The one who might piss off WW, with insinuating one liners. The one most willing to abuse his powers a little. Or, who plays up for the media. The one who puts the villain straight in his place even though he´s 10 times less powerful than them. The one who straight-up runs his mouth when everyone in the audience knows he shouldn´t. That why Wally West (or the Wally West character but called Barry Allen if that makes everyone happier) needs to be in this movie.

One might say well Batman has no powers, so he´s the one we´ll relate to. And, of course we´ll love Batman in his own right; but Batman is at his best when really he´s a nutcase that no one can relate to. Why would this guy with no powers and extreme wealth dedicate his life to running around beating the crap out of low lifes and super villains? His will is beyond human. He´s the peak of humanity, he´s estranged from it, that´s why he´s so compelling. In that sense I think it should be left to The Flash, to be the guy to humanize the team, who says what the audience is thinking, therefore allowing us to accept the reality presented.


Why Cyborg shouldn´t be in the first movie, if it´s between him and MMH.

Great character, but better off introduced in a sequel, with his own movie in-between. One, he will take away from Batman´s gadgets. Two, I think it will give the writers an excuse to be lazier, because he affectively just a cybernetic, genetically enhanced human-being. His origin does not have the potential to be as iconic as MMH. Also, I think a lot of people just want him in it because he´s black. That´s fine and I´m all for that, but he just doesn´t add as much to the proceedings as John Stuart or Martian Manhunter. The implications thematically for John Stuart and MMH are much richer. Anything is possible with good writing, but I think it would be a shame if MMH is left out for Cyborg.

Why Hawk Man/Girl And Aquaman Can´t Be In The Movie:

With Hawk Man and Girl, I´m sorry but I think they are quite weird Superheroes. Even the animated series which was brilliant struggled to really make either of these characters interesting. And if we thought Wonder Womans braclets and golden laso were hokey, then Hawk Man and Girls mace is just plain strange. I think they are both very confusing, even now I´m unsure what their powers really are. I read it and it just doesn´t make that much sense. They are fine for comics, maybe even their own movie, but to out there for the first installment.

Aquaman seems to be another Superhero, who has some cult like support for his appearance in the film. Aquaman fans often talk a lot of sense, getting you completely on board with there ideas about where the JL should go, then somewhere with in their sensible ideas, they suddenly try and convince you that a man who´s powers are an ability to communicate with Sea creatures would be a really good idea to add to the movie. Look, there might have been great runs in the comics, with Aquaman; I´m sure his rebooted publication is a storm, with epic storyarchs that are a great read; but, he´s never going to get over coming from Atlantis, speaking to fish and having generally shit powers in the public imagination.
Also in the wrong hands terrible, bad, bad things could happen with that character. I mean really cringe worthy stuff. I do understand your passion and I admire it, but maybe in later chapters. Please not in the first JL film. But again I may well be wrong.

Your thoughts.
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