The Problem with Green Lantern in the Live action Justice League & Who to Replace Him PART TWO

The Problem with Green Lantern in the Live action Justice League & Who to Replace Him PART TWO

Join the Excellence of Editorials as he fills the last 2 spots of "Big Daddy" Zack Snyder's Live Action Justice League movie with an assortment of different heroes that fit the team and would help it more than Green Lantern.

NOTE: Please remember I have to fill only 2 spots that means that any 2 of these characters mentioned below would fit in thoe spots and complete the team as each one brings something different to it. PART ONE OF THIS EDITORIAL IS AT THE END OF THE EDITORIAL

Greeting reader, now before we begin I need you to calm down just like I do when Snyder Calls me, I know you're gonna say DCGuy how could you leave us so much time without an Editorial, we missed you, you're one of CBM.COM's most beloved users, but I already know that!

Anyways! Welcome MEN (No women on this site, more like SausageFest.Com here) to the second and last part of my casting of the last 2 spots of the Justice League Live action Snyder movie! I already explained why WB/DC/Big Daddy Snyder should not include the Green Lantern in anyway in the JL movie, here I will present multiple members that can fill those 2 final spots, so let's get to it !


Be it either Barry, Wally or Jay the fastest man alive has always been part of the Justice League, his speed, mind and humor along with his serious moments round him up as a perfect character for the role of quick retort guy of thr group, while in no way a joke, his powers can benefit the team from almost anything, mostly saving people and being a vocal in the wreck the league behind and how they should clean up, which we have seen before, Flash is an essential part of the team and is trully needed, plus we have seen that Fast characters have the potential to steal the show which grants Flash a QUICK! (see what I did there heh?) entry into the world greatest heroes.


Billy Batson! but he's just a kid! and that is why he fits into the Justice League, Shazam brings the element of Magic which has been barely touched in CBM's and can very much bring in another strong hand but the element of Shazam that gets him into the League is the fact that he is a kid, a very interesting reaction would ensue after the reveal of his age, triggering the age debate which could in fact lead into a great little speech about how it's not age that defines a hero nor magic but the will to do good and give for the people, of course the magic element is a big part of him, we could see Batman study how Billy and his magic are able to hurt Clark which would be a factor for other JL movies in general. To me his Magic element is enough but along with his age and mature mind controversy that he would bring he gets to join the League.


We saw her be an important part of the Justice League team during the learly 2000's as part of the animated incarnation of the League, many of us grew up with her on screen, while many complained that she took Aquaman's spot, I enjoyed the balanced cast of 2 women, the lines between them and the elements of sexual tension Hawkgirl gave to the team balanced out the action with other great emotions, she could also tie in multiple stories of ancient time, outter space and her people invading earth like in the show, besides she can bring in CAWKMAN! which means WB/DC/Snyder would hire BenjiWest to write for him hence getting me into the set via friendship & well placed stalking that would get me one step closer to meeting Zack Snyder!


Another man who has history with the League be it in comics, on show or in movies, Martian Manhunter brings an element of the true outsider to the group, one that Superman can't even relate to, I greatly enjoyed how he was introduced in the new 52, his showing in Justice League the new frontier is also good, MM has a lot of elements with his powers and character that would add emotion and raw power to the team not to mention the white aliens are also the first opponent that causes the Justice League to unite in the animated show which could go well on screen but it is not the path I would take, yet again his mind and heart would give a great element of emotions to the team.


While maybe a little too complicated in terms of getting him into the League without his creator being established and what not, if you have seen Young Justice you know that Red Tornado is a good part of the team, while cold without emotions, he bonds with the teams, he has his own actions in creating himself another body & identity and of course his storyline with his creator, his brothers & sisters is greatly told and I really enjoyed that added layer onto his history, I doubt that we might see him but who knows! they might do a 5 year jump! 


Aquaman's woman, the hottest of the hot redheads, while I could spend time writting about a fantasy I have about her and that green suit of hers which I would love to see at the floor of my bedroom I can't do it here...So why should Mera be in the League? well like Hawkgirl, Wonder Woman needs another female in the league, The JL is NOT CBM.Com they are NOT a Sausage fest with like 100 men and 1 dude saying he is a chick, the inclusion of Mera would also helo further Aquaman's role in the league, would bring interesting moments where they are put in a rough places as they don't meet eye to eye about league business among other things, to wrap it up, she can play off Wonder Woman and tease Flashpoint, She can play off Hawkgirl and her sassy potty mouth, her Sexy side with Aquaman and hell, just eye candy for the rest of us and the league!


Now why is Nightwing here? he has no powers! he is Batman's Ex sidekick, he....well HE is the future of the Justice League, as we saw in Young Justice Nightwing has a nice role in the YJ & JL and is in my mind the next Batman and of course the next mind of the Justice League, he can lead another generation, while I am very scared of the public reaction to Dick maybe getting the cowl on the big screen, I also have my doubts that it will happen, with neither Marvel nor DC honestly having the balls to give us Dick Grayson Batman, Falcon Capt America, among other side kick taking on the big role, yet Nighwing could be part of the battle and a member in the future, I honestly do want Batman in BVS to have a Nightwing maybe not on screen yet but in his solo movie he could appear. Dick's main role as part of the JL would be to simply be the future and learn from their mistakes and take the better of them to make a better world.


I hope you enjoy my casting of the last 2 spots of the Justice League, remember to leave The Hate a Comment below and support other editorials and contribute one yourself! until next time my faithful groupies!

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