The Snyder Cut Does NOT Exist And It Won't Be At Comic-Con This Weekend - OFFICIAL

The Snyder Cut Does NOT Exist And It Won't Be At Comic-Con This Weekend - <font color=red>OFFICIAL</font>

It's time to move on from those dreams about a Snyder Cut existing because a new report from The Wall Street Journal settles the matter once and for all and even includes comments from Zack Snyder's reps.

There's been a lot of speculation that Warner Bros. is gearing up to finally announce plans for a "Snyder Cut" of Justice League at Comic-Con this weekend but The Wall Street Journal may have put an end to those hopes and dreams once and for all. In a lengthy report about the desire from fans to see an extended version of the DC Comics adaptation, the site clarifies matters and makes it clear that there isn't a secret, unfinished version of Justice League which is being hidden by Warner Bros. 
While Warner Bros. did hire Joss Whedon (who declined to comment) to reshoot large chunks of the movie and there are scenes which will never see the light of day, the filmmaker's spokeswoman has said that he won't discuss a director's cut and has never watched the version which hit theaters. 
Those who worked on Justice League tell the site that while Snyder did assemble a rough cut after he finished principal photography in 2016, he never intended that to be released and actually oversaw the new scenes which were written by Whedon (he also intended to shoot them before the death of his daughter). "Who are these people who won’t stop talking about the magical Snyder cut that doesn’t exist?" one person close to the movie told the site, making it clear that a "Snyder Cut" isn't a thing.

The site also confirms that Warner Bros. isn't planning on mentioning an extended cut of Justice League at Comic-Con this weekend and that there are no plans in place to release any alternate versions. What that means is we're stuck with the version of the movie which was released last November, like it or not. How do you feel about this news? As always, share your thoughts below.
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