There's A Chance The Rock's BLACK ADAM Might Show Up In JUSTICE LEAGUE

There's A Chance The Rock's BLACK ADAM Might Show Up In JUSTICE LEAGUE

There's A Chance The Rock's BLACK ADAM Might Show Up In JUSTICE LEAGUE

With Shazam! not arriving until 2019, not many were expecting to see Dwayne Johnson's Black Adam anytime soon. However, if the Rock's latest comments are to be believed, there may now actually be a chance we do see him in the near future.. in Justice League! Come check it out!

Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson is currently on the press tour for Universal's Furious 7, and while he's primarily answering questions about the upcoming action sequel, the good folks over at IGN managed to slip him a quick query about his upcoming role as Black Adam and whether or not he could potentially show up and/or join the Justice League. Check out his answer in the video below and if the video doesn't work for you, read the transcript that follows:

IGN: We are so excited to see Black Adam as this anti-hero imagining there's going to be this antagonistic relationship with Shazam, but I'm wondering, are you interested in exploring his heroic side down the line. Do you think that he could eventually join the Justice League?

Dwyane 'The Rock' Johnson: I think so, and I think you always want to leave that creatively open, that he could join the Justice League and I think... that's the fun part of creating this character right now and everybody involved, from the studio, from New Line, to Warner Bros as well, to the writer, our producing partners. You want to... you definitely want to engage in his heroic side, but that has to be earned and with the mythology of Black Adam starting off as a slave, because when you start off as a slave, just inherently, there's things in your DNA that piss you off. And that's the bottomline, so I think we have to respect and pay homage to the true mythology and then the heroic side will come down the line, but I think it's important and we all feel it's important and I believe the fans at IGN feel it's important to make sure the homage is paid at the beginning because then you have a stronger foundation to stand on, and so he will become an anti-hero, but at first... daddy's got to go to work. 

Now, let's recap a bit, Shazam! is expected to hit theaters April 5, 2019, so the earliest we would theoretically see Johnson suited up as Black Adam would be sometime in 2018 when the film kicks off production. However, if he debuted as one of the villains, presuming that there are multiple villains, in Zack Snyder's Justice League: Part One, which is set to arrive November 17, 2017, we could see him as the character as early as next year when that film begins production. This could potentially mean a showdown between him and Henry Cavill's Superman might happen sooner than later. 

If none of the above comes to fruition, Shazam! does arrive two months before Justice League: Part Two, which releases June 14, 2019, so if he doesn't appear in the first part, there is always a good chance he could appear in the second.

What do you guys think of Johnson's potential involvement in Justice League? What do you think about his plans interpreting Black Adam? Sound off with your thoughts below! 

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