Why DC/WB is in a lose/ lose situation; My Opinion of the Justice League; New Name for this Website

Why DC/WB is in a lose/ lose situation; My Opinion of the Justice League; New Name for this Website

Most people won't read this but it has got to be done

Yesterday, it was Announced from WB that there will be a Justice League movie in the summer of 2013. To no shock at all, at least to myself, this idea was bashed right from the get go. The main complaint? DC/ WB was copying Marvel by rushing a multi-superhero movie, like Marvel's Avengers, to the big screen, in two years. Now, I will come right out and say that, yes, I think this is in response to the extremely popular movie Marvel will be releasing next summer. But, before anything was actually known about this movie, WE already "knew" that Snyder's Superman and Reynold's Green Lanten were going to be in this film, like Marvel's lead up movies.

Then, my favorite part happened. Today it was announced by Zach Snyder himself, that his Superman, like Nolan's Batman, would not be included in this new Justice League movie. Almost instantly, everyone that was complaining about DC/ WB copying "Marvel's"'formula, was now complaining that they weren't. That's right! So now, DC/ WB is in the wrong for not following what Marvel has done. I can't say I'm shocked by the fanboy responce though. But as you can see, either way you look at it, DC/ WB just can't do right by the fans.

My Opinion on the Justice League movie, Post Zach Snyder's Announcement

The announcement that Snyder's Superman won't be connected to the Justice League movie is a blessing. Don't get me wrong here, I loved Watchmen and 300, but to me Zach is a hack. Other than the two movies I mentioned, I have liked nothing from him, especially Sucker Punch. Most people say that Nolan will be the reason this will be good, but Nolan is the same guy that is too stuck up to let his Batman be connected to any other hero, which in my opinion, is where this whole problem started. I can't tell you how happy I am that Batman will be rebooted! We will finally see the real Batman!! I like Nolan's movies, but that's not Batman and anyone that says different needs to go read a COMIC BOOK!

Getting back on subject. In my opinion the news that Zach's movie won't be connected to the combined movie should have everyone who loves Comic Book Movies excited! Think about it, you get a Superman franchise all by itself plus another Superman who's connected to the JL! Two Superman's in a year! How awesome is that? Plus, stories like Doomsday can actually happen now and not affect the JL movies! Think of it as two separate graphic novels! Listen, Marvel's idea of a shared universe is fun but also very convoluted. Think about it, if every movie/ character is connected, each movie will sink deeper and deeper into the next. By the time we get our third Thor and Cap movie, who knows how many other backstories there will be for the writters to have to move around. It all sounds like a big mess to me. The separate movies have worked well because they have one story, one hero, one threat, and nothing else, other than previous single hero movies, to have to write around. I may be wrong but it just seems like these movies are going to begin to aliananate the real fans from the general audience.

This site's new name!

From what I can tell is that DC can do nothing right in the eyes of the people who frequent this site. But, Mavel can do no wrong. This site is so Mavel biased it's any wonder the name has stayed so neutral! IMHO this site needs to be renamed to: Marvelcomicbookmovie.com
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