Zack Snyder May Have Been Fired Because His Rough Cut Of JUSTICE LEAGUE Was "Unwatchable"

Zack Snyder May Have Been Fired Because His Rough Cut Of JUSTICE LEAGUE Was "Unwatchable"

A new report sheds further light on those claims that original Justice League director Zack Snyder was fired from the DC Films Universe and it sounds like his rough cut of the movie was to blame...

Last year, it was reported that Zack Snyder would be stepping down from Justice League after his daughter committed suicide. At the time, many fans theorised that her tragic death was being used as an excuse to remove the filmmaker from the DC Comics adaptation and Joss Whedon's involvement only served to hurt the movie as it was a mishmash which flopped with critics and at the box office. 

This week, we've heard that Snyder was indeed fired by Warner Bros. and now Collider has added to that with notes from their own sources. Apparently, his rough cut of the movie was "unwatchable," a word used by two separate individuals with knowledge of the situation. There must be more to the story than that, though, because a cut like that can easily be fixed. Clearly, the studio didn't agree!

"Unwatchable" can also mean a lot of different things. Perhaps it was too dark or complicated! 

We're never going to see a Snyder cut of Justice League and it's a shame that Warner Bros. couldn't trust him to finish a trilogy which began with Man of Steel. After all, it's hard to imagine whatever he would have delivered being any worse than Whedon's messy effort which blended original footage with his reshoots, something which turned the movie into a mess with two very different tones.

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