Chris Mintz Plasse Talks Kick-Ass 2

Chris Mintz Plasse Talks <em>Kick-Ass 2</em>

In an interview with io9, Mclo...sorry, Mintz Plasse, who plays Red Mist in Kick-Ass dropped a few hints as to the direction the sequel will go with his character...

We already know that Mark Millar is at work on the next installment of the comic, so its only a matter of time before Mathew Vaughan follows suit with the movie sequel preparations. Speaking to io9, Plasse talked about, among other things, what we are likely to see from his character Red Mist in the follow up. Contains some SPOILERS for the first movie..

...IO9~So now you have to kill someone in the sequel. Have you asked [the comic creator] Mark Millar to make you more of a bad-ass in the second comic series, or maybe even the second movie?

PLASSE~He [Mark Millar] already knows completely. I don't even have to tell him, he knows he's going to make the character really dark. Knock on wood — I want this film to do really well, so if there is a sequel, my character will be really dark. Hopefully I get to bulk up, force myself to go to the gym.

What, pull a Taylor Lautner [in New Moon]?

Oh god, no. He got grossly ripped for that movie.

Mark Millar mentioned that he wants your sidekick in the next comic to be called The Cunts?

He wants something to be The Cunts, he wants the name The Cunts somewhere in the comic. And he wants to change my name to The Motherfucker. So I become very evil, which I'm game for. But who knows, because Mark talks, and we won't know until he puts it on paper, what he's going to do. He could come up with a totally genius new idea that we've never heard of.

And in the end of the film you get a whole new costume. Which costume did you prefer? Red Mist, or the new one?

You know they are both really good. The mask at the end was amazing. It was very hockey style with bars going through the mouth, and a huge joker smile, very sick. But I really enjoyed the Red Mist costume as well.

Were you nervous reciting your last line, because it's ripped from the famous Batman line "Wait Til They Get A Load of Me?" Did you ask them to add that?

No that was Jane Goldman she wrote an amazing screen play. You know things like, "With no power comes no responsibility," just a genius line that she came up with. That was her, obviously she knows comic book movies and comic books very well. That was the Jack Nicholson line, from Batman. And she know my character loves comic books, so Red Mist would know that line, so he quotes it. I YouTubed Jack Nicholson, and I saw how he said it and I kinda changed it to how I would say it, because that's how Matthew [Vaughn the director] wanted it. [He added "as a great man once said..."]

Click on the link below for the rest of the interview. And if you still haven't seen Kick-Ass, get thee to thy multiplex!
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