EXCLUSIVE: Claudia Lee Talks KICK-ASS 2

<font color= red>EXCLUSIVE:</font> Claudia Lee Talks KICK-ASS 2

The 16 year old Hart of Dixie actress/singer/songwriter chats with us about her character "Brooke", making her big screen debut, playing a villainous role, her love of CBMs (Avengers in particular) and much more..

A while ago we were the first to reveal that Claudia Lee would in fact be playing a character called Brooke in Jeff Wadlow's currently shooting sequel to Kick-Ass. Brooke actually appears in Mark Millar's Hitgirl miniseries, and makes it her mission to give as much grief to young Mindy as possible. Claudia was good enough to answer a few questions about playing Brooke, and everything else Kick-Ass related..

Image from the "3 Leaf Clover" video

CBM: So Kick-Ass 2 will mark your big screen debut - how does it feel to know that your first movie role will be in such a highly anticipated sequel?

CL: "I’m extremely thrilled to be apart of such an amazing project. I know this is only the beginning for my film career! I love making art. Whether it involves music or acting, I want to make art that has a message. For example, my song and music video It Gets Better offers a message of hope for people who have been bullied or rejected by society. I enjoy making people feel something special when they watch my work and I’m excited to bring the character of “Brooke” to life. I know my fans will be very surprised about this character in “Kick Ass 2.” Most importantly, I’m so happy and blessed to be working with such an extremely talented cast. I respect all of their work. Words can’t describe my feelings of happiness and anticipation!"

CBM: You'll be playing a character called Brooke, who appears in the Hit Girl comic series. What can you tell us about the role? In the comic, Brooke can actually manipulate the feelings and thoughts of people around her. Has that been retained in the script?

CL:"The whole essence of Brooke’s attitude is what helped me to create her persona. I am a fan of the “Kick-Ass” comic book series, so I was drawn to bring out all of those qualities that “Brooke” possesses. I love Mark Millar and John Romita Jr.’s work. I’ve read the first two “Hit-Girl” issues and I can’t wait for the rest of them. In “Kick-Ass 2” you will see some of Brooke’s unique personality, but there is definitely more of her character to develop."

CBM: Nice spoiler avoidance! In Hart Of Dixie you play Magnolia Breeland, who may not be seen as the nicest of characters by many, but Brooke is on a whole different level! Are you looking forward to, or apprehensive about playing one of the "bad guys" of the story?

CL: "Well, “Magnolia Breeland” is different than “Brooke,” because she is very mature, but also naive. I enjoy playing “Magnolia” because she’s innocent, and a teenager trying to find herself in a small community where everyone knows her family life. Of course I’m looking forward to change things up and play a character totally different. I’ve been searching for a character like ‘Brooke’ for a while, because I enjoy taking risks with art. The “Kick-Ass 2” project is phenomenal. The fact that I get to play a character that is dynamic and intriguing is so fun for me. I believe everyone enjoys playing a character different from the norm, because it allows you to separate yourself from reality."

CBM: This movie, like the first one, will contain some pretty graphic content. How do you feel about that?

CL:"I don’t believe the graphic content really made me think twice about the project. I know my parents were probably shocked, but characters like “Kick-Ass” and “Hit-Girl” color the movie with such great qualities. The movie wouldn’t be the same without the “details.” Those are the qualities that make the movie unique and edgy."

CBM: Very true. Are you a fan of the comic book movie genre in general? If so, and you could play any comic book character, who would it be?

CL: "Yes, 100%, I am a major fan of the comic book movie genre! I’ve been reading the new “Captain Marvel” comic books and I love that Captain Marvel is a female! I find her very empowering and strong. She’s a fighter, intellectual, and is also courageous! One of my favorite comic book movies is “Avengers.” I love the character “Black Widow” because she’s a lethal weapon!"

Huge thanks to Claudia for taking the time to answer our questions as she gears up to begin filming her scenes for Kick-Ass 2 next week in Toronto. You can check out Claudia's latest music video for her song "3 leaf Clover" here.

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