First Review for KICK-ASS Online!

First Review for KICK-ASS Online!

Popular blogger Lord Shaper has posted a full (spoiler free) review for the yet to be released KICK-ASS movie.

At a special screening for the comic adaptation of Mark Millar's KICK-ASS, the privileged audience had to relinquish phones, camera and the like in an effort to stifle leaked content on the internet. Lord Shaper, a popular comic book internet blogger who was in attendance, has posted a detailed, spoiler-free review of the film. Here are a few excepts from his website, The Furnace:

"I went in without any expectations of the movie, I’ve watched a few of the trailers and thought there were amusing but that is an understatement about this movie. From the opening scene of the winged hero on the rooftop that we’ve all seen from the trailers to just keep on running at full ball.

I loved the way the movie put the idea first up of how would a superhero work in the real world and what peoples reactions would be to see a masked marauder walking down the street. You have to love when people see Kick Ass for the first time and just start laughing.

The pacing of the movie also worked really well it slowed down where it needed to, seeing the mistakes that Kick Ass makes and the outcomes of people questioning his sexual orientation are played up to perfection.

Then we get to the action. The fight scenes are over the top but that doesn’t detract from the movie at all as everything in it is over the top and they let you know about it at every point they get. Hit Girl is the best at that. I don’t know if it is just fantastic choreography or the fact someone some young is doing something so violent but it all comes together here.

Aaron Johnston was fantastic as David/Kick Ass… There was a great level of wannabe that came across between him trying to be a superhero compared to Big Daddy and Hit Girl who have been training for it all of their lives.

Nicolas Cage blew me away with his performance. I think this is his best performance that I’ve seen from him. From the twisted caring father who is teaching his daughter to take a gunshot to when he puts on the costume, adds the handlebar mustache and puts on the William Shatner/Adam West Batman voice so people don’t know it’s him.

Chloe Moretz has to be the star of the show. She plays Hit Girl perfectly with the ability to get every one liner and she pulls of the action every time. I’m sure that there will be a flood of Hit Girls on the Cosplay scene very soon!"

He ends his review by calling it an overall 'fun movie' and definitely foresees a sequel. To read the rest of his comments, follow the jump below.
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