John Romita Jr Speaks On The Kick-Ass Controversy

John Romita Jr Speaks On The Kick-Ass Controversy

John Romita Jr Speaks On The <em>Kick-Ass</em> Controversy

The comic book artist who worked on the Kick-Ass comic gave his thoughts on the controversy being stirred by the movie in an interview with Big Shiny Robot...

Just like we all knew it would, Kick-Ass has given an excuse for busy bodies the world over to kick up a fuss. The main target of their ire is of course Hit Girl, the 12 year old killing machine given to spouting the C word played pretty damn brilliantly by Chloe Moretz.

Big Shiny Robot had a chat with John Romita Jr and asked him what he though about the whole thing, both from the characters inception in the comic up to her big screen incarnation...

“I thought, ‘My God, there’s going to be some controversy about that character.’ And then I’ve lost all semblance of my morals, because I remember days when I would say, ‘That’s way over the top, I don’t care for movies like that,’ because when I had a baby, I had to be more careful about what my son sees and I’d never let him see that sort of thing and as he got older and he saw things on the Internet, I couldn’t shield him from every single thing, even regular TV. So here I am at the point where I have a 13 year old son and he was IN the movie as an extra, and I can’t keep him from seeing it, and he’s even talked me into reading the whole 8 issues, so, so much for me being a ‘moral’ father. I think that the controversy will actually help out. The minute some wacko on the right complains about the indignity of the film and the degrading nature of it, more people will want to see it. I don’t know if that’s good or bad, but from a financial point of view, more see it. From a fathers point of view, I’m almost embarrassed to embrace all the good that happens to it and I’m sorry to all the parents.”

Interesting stuff. Personally I just really don't see what the fuss is about. Yeah a young girl says c#nt and kills people..but when you see the film there is no way you could imagine anyone taking it for anything other than a bit of fun. And if a kid does manage to see this R rated film, they might run around saying c#nt for a while..and maybe kill their family with a samurai sword, I mean, whats the big deal?;)
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