KICK-ASS 2 Update From Christopher Mintz-Plasse

KICK-ASS 2 Update From Christopher Mintz-Plasse

KICK-ASS 2 Update From Christopher Mintz-Plasse

At Comic-Con to promote ParaNorman, actor Christopher Mintz-Plasse supplied a brief update on Kick-Ass 2. The actor reveals what does and doesn't make it into the film from the ultra-violent Mark Millar comic book.

The sequel is definitely happening says Christopher and as fans of the comic book know, he states he'll have some help to take on Kick-Ass. But Kick-Ass won't be alone.

"It's very dark. It's 'Warriors' meets 'Kick-Ass' at the end. he has a gang of superheroes and I have a gang of villains. It's... huge. Huge," Mintz-Plasse said.

He also confirms that his character will indeed be called Motherfucker however one scene in the comic book will not make it into the film.

There's no rape in this one, guys. "There was one thing they took out, thank god, my character rapes a girl in the comic. And in this one its really funny because… well, I don’t want to ruin it. There’s no rape."

The actor went on to reveal that the sequel actually has a smaller budget and that the cast all took pay cuts to make the movie happen. And while director Matthew Vaughn is not returning to helm the sequel, Jeff Waldlow is directing, Plasse said that Vaughn is still active on the script.

“I’m glad Matthew Vaughn is producing and involved in every draft. He’ll be on set, so that’s very cool.”

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