Kick-Ass: A Movie Reboot Fan Cast From a True Fan Perspective

Kick-Ass: A Movie Reboot Fan Cast From a True Fan Perspective

A fan favorite film directed by Matthew Vaughn made it into a sequel without him. Now the franchise is stuck in limbo, what other possible options are there? Hit the jump for my idea of a Kick-Ass reboot and how to make it more successful!


After Kick-Ass 2 bombed at the box office last year
, it should easily be said a reboot of the franchise should
be in order. That being said to make a remake of the first film more successful changes need to be made, starting with the rating. It needs to be PG-13 in order to have any chance of reaching the audience and less controversial. Which also means changing Hit-Girl's character and adding more diversity to the cast. That doesn't mean it won't be true to what Kick-Ass is. 
Title: Dave Lizewski: The Hero (I believe Kick-Ass is a very inappropriate title and would not work well with general audiences as proven with the box office records. "Dave Lizewski: The Hero" has a better ring to it and just sounds more presentable.)
Sequel Title: Dave Lizewski The Hero 2: Dawn of The Red Mist

Director: Marc Webb - Marc Webb did an excellent job with the Spider-Man reboot so why not give him another franchise reboot, and most importantly this would be right up his alley as this is also another superhero film. If J.J Abrams can direct both the Star Trek reboot and Star Wars reboot then why not?

Writer: Roberto Orci - Recently collaborated with Marc Webb on The Amazing Spider-Man 2 which was very well done. Since he split with Kurtzman he is working solo in the writing department and seeing the way how he perfectly handles characters, story, and villains this will be a great project for him. It would be great to have him working with Marc Webb again.

Music Composer: Daft Punk - They recently won a Grammy and I think it's time they score another film. An electronic soundtrack would be perfect for this film.

Rating: PG-13 - Lets face it folks, the R rating for the Kick-Ass films didn't do wonders for the box office. It's a story that can do without all the extreme violence, inappropriate humour, and language. It could easily be toned down.

Donald Glover as Dave Lizewski / The Hero - He expressed desires to play Spider-Man in the reboot, but this would be a great role for him and would bring much needed diversity to this cast. A fantastic comedic actor which is what this film needs.

Eve Mendes as Katie Deauxma - Eve Mendes previously appeared in the comic book movie Ghost Rider. She is a great actress and would make the perfect love interest towards the lead role. 

Steven Seagal as James Lizewski - We have yet to see Steven Seagal in a more dramatic role and this would be perfect for him. 

Shailene Woodley as Mindy McCready / Hit-Girl - There was too much of a controversy involving Hit-Girl, so she should be played by a slightly more older actress. Shailene Woodley was set to appear in Marc Webb's The Amazing Spider-Man 2, but was cut due to hurtful comments and satires from fans. So it would be great to see her actually pair with Marc Webb for a role.


Jackie Chan as Damon McCready / Big Daddy - Jackie Chan is an amazing veteran actor and this role would be great for him coupled with his excellent fighting skills. I didn't feel Nicolas Cage in the role was much of an opposing force to reckon with. This would also be the mentorship role towards Shailene Woodley who will be his daughter in the film. I think it's really believable.


Jaa-Smith Johnson as Chris Genovese / Red Mist - He will appear in X-Men Days of Future Past in a minor role. This would also be another role to break the diversity mold. It might be a long shot but anything would honesty be far better than whoever played him in Kick-Ass. 


Luis Guzman as John Genovese - A fantastic actor and would be much better than what Mark Strong portrayed him as. The role needs a true imposing force which is what this actor represents. 


Robert Pattinson as Sgt. Marcus Williams - A great up and coming actor who is breaking out from his Twilight roots and getting into better roles that suit his talents better. He is a great actor as Twilight really restricted his ability. He would do excellent in this role.

Thank you for reading my serious fan cast and as always if you like it hit it! For any questions and opinions and discussions hit the comment section below!


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