Mark Strong On Possibly Coming Back To The KICK-ASS Franchise And GREEN LANTERN'S Failure

Mark Strong On Possibly Coming Back To The KICK-ASS Franchise And GREEN LANTERN'S Failure

While chatting about his latest movie Zero Dark Thirty, Mark Strong was asked about his friendship with Kick-Ass director Matthew Vaughn, where he said the two have talked about a possible return to the Franchise. He also expressed his disappointment in Green Lantern not performing well.

Empire recently had the chance to talk with Mark Strong in their recent Podcast. During the podcast he was asked about his friendships with both Ridley Scott and Matthew Vaughn. Strong revealed that Vaughn, who directed the first Kick-Ass movie but is only producing the second one, has asked him to play apart in the sequel. "We talked a little bit about, there's a new Kick-Ass 2 coming out, and there is a scene in there with a relative of Frank D'Amico. Matthew and I talked about the possibility of maybe (me) playing that part. I couldn't do because of date issues," Strong explained. He also teased that we may not have seen the last of the D'Amico character, with him teasing, "with out wanting to give anything away, I think there might be a life in Frank D'Amico yet in the Kick-Ass franchise." Whether he means in the upcoming movie, or in a future Kick-Ass related movie, only time will tell.

Things have been pretty quiet on the Green Lantern front since the movie came out, and failed back in 2011. While Strong wasn't asked or didn't offer up any thoughts on the possibility of a sequel, he did bring up that he was sad the movie didn't do better when he was asked about John Carter's failure. "I felt the same way about Green Lantern. I really liked the build up and Geoff Johns' commitment to Green Lantern, and everybody worked on it with the best of intentions," he said. Going on to say, "Ya know, nobody makes a movie thinking 'oh god let's just make a terrible movie, let's not really try in this one shall we? Should we not even bother?' Everyone was really committed, and it's a shame it didn't catch fire in the right way." With Warner Brothers looking at a possible Justice League film in 2015, there is a chance they sill might not want to cast fresh faces on the Green Lantern side, and just use continuity that they have already established. However, since the movie did so poorly there is a Strong likely hood that the franchise will get rebooted, no matter how awesome Mark Strong was as Sinestro. For the latest on Kick-Ass and Green Lantern, make sure to check back here at CBM.

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