More from Chloe Moretz on playing Hit-Girl!

More from Chloe Moretz on playing Hit-Girl!

The Kick-Ass actress has told MTV about her initial thoughts on the script and reveals more about her mom's reaction too...

"My mom read the 'Kick-Ass' script first," she told MTV. "I usually don't read the scripts!"

"You don't really know where anything is going to go when you read a script — you can only hope. You get emotionally attached to a project, and then if you don't get it, you get sad."

"I read it and I freaked out and said, 'I have to be Hit-Girl, mom!' She was like, 'Okay, well — let's try it,'" Moretz said. "So I went out to audition for Vaughn, and I got it... and then I started training!"

Kick-Ass is out now in the UK and is released on Friday in the US.
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