Script For Kick-Ass 2 Currently Being Written

Script For <i>Kick-Ass 2</i> Currently Being Written

After some debate on whether or not there would be a sequel to the controversial hit Kick-Ass, it seems a script is at the very least being written

When Kick-Ass debuted in theaters it reached number one at the box office but was still off to a slow start. The movie still ended up breaking even at the box office and a sequel was questioned but demanded by fans. News that a sequel would depend on DVD and Blu-Ray sales gave fans another reason to rush out and buy the movie. Still a movie sequel is by no means confirmed even if the comic book series the movie was based off is curretly in the middle of its sequel process.

The Daily Mail recently did an article talking about the home life script of writer Jane Goldman, who wrote CBMs Kick-Ass and X-Men: First Class. The article mentions twice that the sequel to Kick-Ass is currently being written by Goldman:

She has now written two films which are currently in production; the latest X Men film and thriller The Woman In Black. She’s also working on the Kick-Ass sequel.

She is currently writing the sequel to her controversial film Kick-Ass after becoming something of a Hollywood darling and regularly writes from her bed.

Goldman's latest work X-Men: First Class hits theaters June 3rd, 2011. Kick-Ass 2 has no release date but currently has a few issues of its comic sequel out now. Matthew Vaughn will return as the director of the sequel that could possibly start after he finishes X-Men: First Class.
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