DC/WB Obsession with getting a Lobo movie done and why it's another foolish move.

DC/WB Obsession with getting a Lobo movie done and why it's another foolish move.

Why I think a WB/DC priorities are not in order.

Before I get started on this article I want to say this, I am not putting down the character of Lobo or his fanbase, I think the character is ok for comic relief and randomness. My problem with this whole deal is they are putting so much effort into this character and we have yet to see DCs big names done right on the big screen.

I mean seriously, they want to try another TV show for Wonder-Woman and not put her on the big screen? She should of had a movie years ago but yet and still nothing at all. Instead we are getting a movie for a character that is purely made for shits and giggles.

I mean they want a Lobo movie? Then rumors are they want him on Justice League film they are supposedly working on? I find this utterly ridiculous and just plain stupid and a disservice to fans who have been waiting for more important characters to hit the big screen. What purpose would Lobo serve by showing up in a Justice League film besides comic relief?

I think it's pretty obvious by now that this studio has no idea what they are doing with DC properties. This article is really more of an angry vent/outcry but still it needed to be said. I don't know about you guys and girls but I have no plans to support a Lobo film, especially knowing the bad track record of DC/WB movies.
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