Jason Fuchs Still Working On LOBO Script

Jason Fuchs Still Working On LOBO Script

Screenwriter Jason Fuchs (Pan, Wonder Woman) is still hard at work on the Lobo script. But will his film feature the 'New 52 Lobo' or the 'old Lobo?' Fuchs may have just given us a hint.

Back in March, it was reported that Pan screenwriter Jason Fuchs had impressed WB so much with his script for Wonder Woman that the studio had hired him to write the screenplay for Lobo. Three months later, it appears that Fuchs is still hard at work as evidenced by the Instagram post featuring the 'Main Man' and his laptop.

 The Instagram post is also interesting as it features an old-school Lobo, not the more recent, redesigned version of The Last Czarnian, who was made to look younger and more lithe.  With Geoff Johns assuming creative control over the DCEU, many fans wondered if he'd steer the DCEU towards alignment with the New 52, a strategy loosely enacted across the majority of the DCTV shows such as Arrow, Flash and Supergirl.  Based on the pic below, it looks as if we'll be getting the original Lobo in the live-action adaptation.



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Development on a Lobo movie has been underway since 2009, back when Guy Ritchie was attached to direct. He was replaced in 2012 by Brad Peyton, who signed on to write and direct the film. In July 2012, Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson revealed that he was in talks with Peyton and executive producer Joel Silver to star in the film but the action star left that project to play Black Adam in Shazam/Captain Marvel. Jason Fuchs was hired to write a new draft of the script in March 2016.
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