Jeffrey Dean Morgan is the perfect Lobo… In the flesh!!!

Jeffrey Dean Morgan is the perfect Lobo… In the flesh!!!

Jeffrey Dean Morgan is the perfect Lobo… In the flesh!!!

After the announcement of Guy Richie helming the oh so long awaited feature film of DC Entertainment’s “Main Man”, Jeffrey Dean Morgan decided to throw his name in the hat! Well I took it upon myself to prove to you all why he is THAT perfect to portray the scourge of the cosmos!!!

LEEE777 so graciously provided us fan boys a poll to bite uh… I mean vote on who we’d prefer as The Master Fragger! Kevin Durand got the popular vote since he has brilliantly portrayed many bad asses in his passed performances. Although I do agree that he is an outstanding supporting actor, he definitely lacks the charisma needed to make Lobo’s franchise soar instead of thudding in the ditch right next to Punisher’s last attempt.

Unlike Rambo and Conan, Lobo doesn’t have a big enough action star attached to the character that already made him popular enough to green card any script. He is very much so like Marvel’s Punisher… with a dash of Wolverine and a lick of Gene Simmons. Even with great actors and a very decent script, the 2004 Punisher feature hardly pulled enough dough at the box office to be remembered outside of the character’s comic book fan base. And after what could be considered three unsuccessful films, I think we have a tried, tested and true blueprint of what NOT to do with Lobo.

Keith Giffen, the character’s own creator, has gone on record as to say that he would prefer an unknown actor to portray the biker from hell’s outhouse since he feels that a bigger star would bring to much “baggage” on set and would overshadow the character. Very much like Nick Cage’s Ghost Rider, yet another great blueprint of a failure. But the only way an unknown actor could ever become a star with a concept such as Lobo’s, is by having thought of an almost better script than Star Wars itself. And let’s face it, Lobo’s never been the sharpest tool in the shed. He’s as smart and as subtle as a 50lbs sledgehammer. I mean don’t get me wrong, he is a cunning tracker and marksman and of course “the best at what he does” which is contract killing, but as he enjoys going out with a bang, he comes in with an even bigger one! That kinda sorta puts him waaayyyyy out of reach of Steven King’s or Dan Brown’s good graces.

I think that for a script worthy of Lobo’s concept and to make sure this great character doesn’t suffer the same fate as many others before him, they will need the perfect actor/character portrayal. That combination could launch the franchise into everyone’s most anticipated box office sequel list and favorite DVD collection. And if most of you think that all there is to the fraggin’ bastich is ruthless aggression, heavy metal and horse power, you missed out on just about half of the whole character. I urge you to go back and read your own copies of his comics and be honest with yourselves. Would a decent supporting actor, an unknown or even a football player/wrestler be enough to render “The Main Man” any justice at all??? I think… NOT!!! Despite Lobo’s brute exterior, he is endowed with quite the incomparable charm and requires an actor with the same amount at the very least. He’s all about sinister grins, shocking facial expressions and intimidation. He needs a deep voice and the utmost commanding presence to ever take life on the big screen. All these aspects are crucial to make us Lobo fans proud to be sitting in the theater especially since it will have a PG-13 rating. Hopefully lime green, orange sorbet and magenta alien blood doesn’t count.

In short, there is only one actor that fit’s the boots! He proved it in Watchmen as “the Comedian”, which in reality is pretty much a diluted form of Lobo, and has always been a brilliant commanding and experienced hunter in “Supernatural”. Not only is he the most qualified for the role, HE FRAGGIN’ WANTS IT!!! He publically admitted it in an interview with SuperHeroHype! This is and will be this year’s greatest news unless Jensen Ackles publically states that he wants to be The First Avenger: Captain America!!! Man, if those two actors could get their hands on those highly anticipated roles, it would be the biggest fanboygasm ever in CBM history!!! Well… mine at least. Cm'on Guy, "hook" a bastich up, will ya?

So here it finally is, after putting my own sweat and blood into it all week long, for anyone whose wondering just how good he would actually look as our favorite fragger, here’s my sketch of Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Lobo!!!

The "Shaman"... is pooped!!!
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