LOBO Screenwriter Reveals The Comic Book Run He's Drawing Inspiration From

LOBO Screenwriter Reveals The Comic Book Run He's Drawing Inspiration From

Jason Fuchs impressed Warner Bros. enough on Wonder Woman that he was given a second writing assignment, bringing Lobo to life in a film that might potentially be directed by Michael Bay (Transformers).

Michael Bay recently surfaced as a potential director for WB's live-action Lobo movie but he's apparently hesitant as the project as it currently exists would cost $200 million to film.  That would be the version scripted by Jason Fuchs (Pan, Wonder Woman).  LRM recently caught up with Fuchs, where he disclosed the comic book creators he studied while penning the screenplay.

"I think when you’re working on comic book characters, especially ones that are near and dear to my heart, like Wonder Woman and Lobo are, you want to create something that’s true to what the original text is. I think Wonder Woman really captures the feeling of — not only the original Moulton Marston comics, but the George Perez run in the late-80s. It feels like reading those comics up on the big screen. So for something like Lobo, without saying too much about it, it’ll feel, I imagine, quite different because the Lobo comic itself is quite different. What Keith Giffen and Alan Grant put together was something really unique, and hopefully, we’ll capture some of that same spirit when we make the movie."

Not too long ago, a rumor surfaced that Lobo, along with a Will Smith Deadshot spinoff were two of several DCEU films that had been scrapped in the wake of Justice League failing to meet box office expectations. However, it appears that rumor was false and WB is bullishly moving ahead virtually all of its previously announced sequels, spinoffs and standalone installments, including an out of continuity Joker film (that's most recently rumored to star Joaquin Phoenix). 

With so many irons in the fire, what are the odds that a Lobo film ever progresses further than in-development? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

Development on a Lobo movie has been underway since 2009, back when Guy Ritchie was attached to direct. He was replaced in 2012 by Brad Peyton, who signed on to write and direct the film. In July 2012, Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson revealed that he was in talks with Peyton and executive producer Joel Silver to star in the film but the action star left that project to play Black Adam in Shazam/Captain Marvel. Jason Fuchs was hired to write a new draft of the script in March 2016. In early Feburary 2018, Michael Bay surfaced as a leading candidate to helm the project but is reportedly balking at the cost of filming Fuch's expensive script.
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