Check Out The New MARVEL STUDIOS Logo To Celebrate The MCU's Tenth Anniversary

Check Out The New MARVEL STUDIOS Logo To Celebrate The MCU's Tenth Anniversary

At last night's D23 Expo, Marvel Studios unveiled a brand new logo which celebrates their ten year anniversary. That's right, it really will have been a decade since Iron Man's release come 2018...

It was in 2008 that Iron Man was released and since then, the Marvel Cinematic Universe has grown to be bigger than any of us could have ever imagined. The man we have to thank for that is Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige and at last night's Disney Live-Action panel at D23, he unveiled the logo which will seemingly adorn their 2018 releases to celebrate this incredible milestone for the studio.

Those are, of course, Black Panther, Avengers: Infinity War, and Ant-Man and The Wasp. It was earlier this year, though, that Feige said: "I know we’re very proud of the last ten years and we want to celebrate that somehow. ‘Infinity War’ will, frankly, be that celebration." There's no better way to celebrate than bringing together pretty much every MCU character ever for that superhero ensemble!

The logo obviously isn't all that different to the regular version but it does a great job of celebrating Marvel Studios' first decade and teases much more to come from them. What that will 
be remains to be seen but there is obviously a chance that some of their Phase 4 slate will be revealed next weekend during a 90-minute panel at the San Diego Comic-Con. What do you guys think of the updated logo? 

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