DESCENDANTS Star Dove Cameron Expresses Her Desire To Join The MCU As The Live Action Gwen Stacy

DESCENDANTS Star Dove Cameron Expresses Her Desire To Join The MCU As The Live Action Gwen Stacy

Although actress Dove Cameron has already tackled voicing Gwen Stacy in Marvel Rising, she has now made it clear she would also like to play her in live action - alongside Tom Holland. Read on for more!

Dove Cameron, star of Disney's Descendants and Marvel Rising, has officially thrown her hat in the ring to play the live action version of Gwen Stacy in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

We haven't heard mention of the character in Tom Holland's universe yet, but she's sure to show up sooner or later in one corner of the Spider-Verse or the other. Regardless of which iteration of Gwen the big screen will inevitably see, it seems the actress is up to the task.

“I would love to play Gwen Stacy. I would love to play Spider-Gwen, or Ghost Spider, or whatever kind of incarnation they’re going to make her into.”

Cameron makes it clear that she's aware of her predecessor, and wouldn't be going into the role blind. In fact, she holds an appreciation for Emma Stone, the last actress to take a shot at the live action version of the character. Hailee Steinfeld also played Spider-Gwen, but that was in an animated film.

“I think that she’s such a great character. I mean, I love Emma Stone in the last incarnation of Gwen Stacy, but I was really honoured when they asked me to voice her and I would love a chance to audition.”

Regarding her hopes for the direction of the character and potentially playing alongside Holland, the actress had the following to say.

“I would love it if she was an equal match. I would love it if she was a physical threat… if she was quite a force. I just love playing characters for women that are not so thin - and I mean thin, like emotionally - that are not so narrowly defined. I would love if she was a bit difficult or complex… just how real girls are.”

What do you think of these comments? Would Cameron would be a good choice for Gwen Stacy, and if not, who do you recommend? Let us know below!

You can catch Cameron in the upcoming Descendants 3 which premieres on Disney UK on Friday October 11 at 5:30. In the meantime, check her out as Gwen Stacy in Marvel Rising!
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