Edward Norton Up For Playing MCU Villain, Zendaya's SPIDER-MAN 3 Return, Disney+ Budgets & More MARVEL News

Edward Norton Up For Playing MCU Villain, Zendaya's SPIDER-MAN 3 Return, Disney+ Budgets & More MARVEL News

In this round-up of Marvel news, we have details on how much Marvel's Disney+ TV shows will cost, comments from Edward Norton about returning to the MCU, Spider-Man: Far From Home concept art, and more...

It's been another busy day for Marvel news here on ComicBookMovie.com (have you checked out our look at all the confirmed and rumoured Phase 5 movies on the way yet?), so we've now rounded up another batch of MCU-related stories for you all in one place!

We kick things off with a look at how much money Marvel Studios is getting to play with for its Disney+ TV shows, before moving on to some fresh details about the next Thor film, Edward Norton's comments about a potential return to the MCU, Zendaya's Spider-Man 3 status, and much more. 

There's a lot of great content here for fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (and beyond), so all you guys have to do to check it out is click on the "View List" button down below...

Big Budgets For The MCU On Disney+


In an article over at The Hollywood Reporter detailing the launch of the Disney+ streaming service, the trade mentions just how much money is being spent on the MCU TV shows there. 

It's said that "a source pegs Marvel entries The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, WandaVision and Hawkeye at as much as $25 million per episode." With an average of six episodes for each show, that's a budget of around $150 million, which is standard for a non-Avengers Marvel movie. 
Unlike the Marvel TV shows produced by Marvel Television, that means they'll be movie quality.

Korg Is Coming Back!

This probably won't surprise you, but during a recent interview to promote his new movie Jojo Rabbit, actor and director Taika Waititi confirmed that Korg will return in Thor: Love and Thunder.

"My character is coming back, Korg," he revealed as the audience burst into cheers. "Thank you. Thank you so much for that reaction." He also added that, "I just finished a couple of drafts of that story. There’s more Thor!" Well, there's going to be two of them to be precise!

Edward Norton's MCU Return?


Recently, The Incredible Hulk star Edward Norton talked more about his decision to walk away from the MCU after playing Bruce Banner. It didn't sound like he was keen to join another superhero franchise after the dark and brooding two movie arc he had mapped out never came to pass, but it now appears as if something has changed. 

"Maybe as a baddie?" he said when asked by Games Radar about an MCU return. "Maybe I’ll write my own. I don’t know, I’m open to everything. I mean, I did Ask the StoryBots on Netflix."

A Closer Look At The Wall-Crawler's Web-Shooters

Thanks to Marvel Studios Head of Visual Development Ryan Meinerding, we have a much closer look at how Spider-Man's web-shooters appear in Spider-Man: Far From Home on his new costume.

Zendaya's Spider-Man 3 Return


It's safe to say that we all knew this would be happening, but in a profile on Zendaya in The Hollywood Reporter, the trade confirms that, "She'll next be seen on the big screen in Denis Villeneuve's Dune adaptation, and she'll reprise her Spider-Man role in a third Sony-Marvel film."

The actress has previously expressed her excitement about the Sony/Marvel deal on social media.


We recently caught up with Zombieland: Double Tap stars Woody Harrelson and Jesse Eisenberg to discuss the sequel and the subject of their respective roles as Lex Luthor and Carnage. "Yes," Harrelson responded when asked if there's anything he could tell us about what comes next for the classic Spider-Man villain. "My character, Carnage..."

It was then that Eisenberg interrupted to shed some light on his future, or lack thereof, as Superman's greatest foe. "Different venues. I will say, quite confidently, different venues. His will be, like, kind of a movie that people go to and mine will be in my living room that people occasionally go to but mostly one at a time."
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