FIGHT CLUB Director David Fincher Says Marvel Movies Aren't For Everyone

FIGHT CLUB Director David Fincher Says Marvel Movies Aren't For Everyone

Se7en and Gone Girl director David Fincher is the latest filmmaker to share his thoughts on Marvel Studios as he makes it clear that he has no interest in entering the superhero genre as of right now...

Like it or not, there are many filmmakers out there who look down their noses at the Marvel Cinematic Universe. For whatever reason, they're against the Marvel Studios formula of making movies (despite the fact audiences love them) and have no interest in making comic book adaptations set in that world as a result. Now, we can add David Fincher to the list of those unwilling to work with Kevin Feige.

During a recent interview to promote his new Netflix series Mindhunter, the Oscar-nominated director weighed in on why the online streaming service is ushering in a new wave of storytelling and took aim at Marvel Studios for being responsible for not allowing that in the current Hollywood system. 

"Look, there’s a very large talent pool of people who are- don’t feel there’s much for them in terms of sustenance working for Marvel. And I think that if we can make a playground for them that is thoughtful, adult, interesting, complex, challenging stories and figure out ways to pull them into it, there’s a chance at something that isn’t lassoed and hogtied by three acts. And there’s something else that doesn’t have to be 22-minute half hour or have a cliffhanger. I think it is an exciting time."

Fincher's remarks are sure to upset many fans but he does make some sense here in fairness. Marvel Studios is well known for taking a great deal of creative control over its movies and while that's panned out for them both in terms of the critical and commercial response to them, it does mean directors are unable to be as creative as they may actually want to be (hence why Edgar Wright left Ant-Man). 

What do you guys think of Fincher's comments? As always, let us know your thoughts down below.
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