New Rumors Give Possible Hints About Marvel Studios Upcoming Disney Plus Streaming Series

New Rumors Give Possible Hints About Marvel Studios Upcoming Disney Plus Streaming Series

New <font color=red>Rumors</font> Give Possible Hints About Marvel Studios Upcoming Disney Plus Streaming Series

It sounds like there may be even more to the reports of Disney's upcoming streaming service than we had initially heard. While news seems to continue to grow, here we have some specific claims of leaks.

While not always the most reliable source of info, one user on 4chan's /tv/ board made a series of claims alleging to be leaks for Disney's upcoming Marvel Studios shows for their original streaming service. The post reads as follows:

Part of Disney+ upcoming plans is a bunch of Marvel shows. Some of these have been announced to the public, but some have not. Laying out some things below:
* Loki will be the first series to be released.
* Don't expect any Studios series in 2019.  Maybe early/Q1 2020, but no way anything gets in by this year, at least from the Marvel Studios originals (maybe the Marvel Television produced show will)
* The Loki show does feature Tom Hiddleston, but its split perspective: scenes will follow a Young Loki character in the past, as well as a "Future" (well, Hiddleston-era) Loki. Think like Arrow style: each story parallels/connects to the other.
* Loki will be openly LGBT in the series. Disney+ is getting a lot more flexibility than theatrical releases since no box office drawbacks. (Non-Marvel point: they're in early stages on an LGBT family comedy ala Blackish).
* Series of tone is lighter than expected, but not quite at Ragnarok levels.
* Waititi is involved with the Loki show, isn't writing but will consult and direct an episode or two. Marvel met with him late last summer about the series.
* Vision and Scarlet Witch is based on Tom Kings Vision. Obviously some things are being changed (Virginia, obviously, isn't in it), but Billy Kaplan and Viv Vision are planned to make appearances. Suburban-set.
* Bettany in "human" form from Infinity War for both budgetary and saving-Paul-Bettanys-sanity purposes.
* Wandas backstory is explored, but as of right now she is NOT A MUTANT. It's about her personal backstory, not of her powers. May bring Taylor-Johnson for flashbacks.
* Sif  is being discussed, but not in any kind of serious capacity. As long as Blindspot is still airing, Alexander's schedule is untenable.
* Winter Soldier and Falcon is dealing with their relationship post....erm....*insert Avengers Endgame spoiler here*, and where they fit in. Might borrow some of the Russos early ideas for Cap 3 before it developed into Civil War.

Parts of this story line up with information that has surfaced online: various outlets have reported that The Vision and Scarlet Witch will be adapted from Tom King's critically acclaimed Vision run, though Scarlet Witch only plays a very small part in that storyline. In addition, Tom King indicated last December that he flew "out west" to work on a secret television project, which could have been him consulting on the series as the posting claims.

Also, just to check up on some of the smaller details, it appears Disney is indeed making a LGBT Family series called "Four Dads", per The Hashtag Show (the post predating the article reporting as such). Kevin Feige had indicated in the past that the MCU would be introducing more LGBT characters, both upcoming ones as well as ones that were pre-existing characters that would yet be revealed to be LGBT. This would be in line with this reporting, as not only is Loki pansexual in the comics, both Billy Kaplan and Viv Vision are gay. Maybe not having to worry about foreign box office is giving Marvel Studios a bit more leeway in showing LGBT characters in the MCU, which previously have only come exclusively from the Marvel Television shows (most prominently in Marvel's Runaways).

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