Josh Brolin Struggled with Tommy Lee Jones' Voice & Is Lady Gaga in MIB3?

Josh Brolin Struggled with Tommy Lee Jones' Voice & Is Lady Gaga in MIB3?

Men In Black franchise has had a lot of fun pointing out that aliens are integrated in our society. Even many celebrities like Danny Devito, Dionne Warwirk, and Slyvester Stallone are in fact covert extraterrestrials.

Stars of the film, Will Smith and Josh Brolin took part in a press conference at the Copacabana Palace in Rio this past Thursday. Most of the banter was lighthearted, but some new details about the film and the process of making the film did surface. Special thanks to CBM's own Lucaxmen for translating the press conference.

The franchise had plenty of fun in the first film when they revealed that many celebrities were actually aliens. They showed a screen that monitored the aliens on the planet, one of the images they used was the surly Republican, Newt Gingrich. Though another celebrity disappointed the producers because he wouldn't allow his image for this scene, and that was Michael Jackson. But funny enough, Jackson would make a cameo in the sequel as a contributor to the MIB hoping to become an agent.

This new film follows Agent J as he goes back in time to the 60's, and there has been two years worth of speculation about which celebrities will be in the film, or their likenesses used. Since the film is set in the 60's there has been talk that the likenesses of Jimi Hendrix, Yoko Ono, and Kareem Abdul Jabbar might be used. What we know so far is that SNL's Bill Hader will be pop artist Andy Warhol.

“The story takes in consideration that the two guys are older, and my character is more mature”, completed the actor who was warned by producers of revealing which celebrities would be represented as Aliens on this new movie, he decided to give a new rumor: “Lady Gaga!”

Will Smith said it was easy getting to play Agent J once again because he knows the role so well. Believing that his co-star Josh Brolin had the hardest role, to play a younger version of Tommy Lee Jones' Agent K. Brolin's struggle was trying to capture the way Tommy Lee Jones speaks.

“I traveled to Mexico and spent a whole night listening to Tommy voice recordings, trying to do it like him. On that day I had the drink of my life, I thought I wouldn’t make it.”

Video is set to play at the introduction to Brolin's Agent K.

Josh would later add that he didn't want any contact with Tommy Lee Jones while working on his version of the younger Agent K, although he might regret that later.

“Tommy didn’t help me with anything. When I played George W. Bush I also thought that it wouldn’t matter meeting him for five minutes, but maybe the movie could had been better If I had done that.”

What had Will Smith and Josh Brolin nervous about filming the movie in 3D?

“I got extremely worried to know how my ears would be in three dimensions at the big screen. They could be awful, but they didn’t looked that bad after all.” - Will Smith

“The director of photography of the movie, whom I know for a while, swore that my big head would be wonderful on 3D. But I doubt until the very last moment.” - Josh Brolin

Will Smith explains why it took so long to make a third Men In Black.

“This is a movie by itself, it’s just not the third part of a franchise. The idea of the first “MIB” was totally new, you had never seen it before: secret agents who monitor alien activity inside and outside of the planet. This concept was so complex that managed to carry the first movie. That is why we took so long to get into a new script. The story was already told, the people already know what it is, so we felt a need to develop this third part in a very well done way."

Men in Black 3 is directed by Barry Sonnenfeld, based on the Malibu Comic written by Lowell Cunningham. The movie stars: Will Smith, Tommy Lee Jones, Josh Brolin, Jemaine Clement, Alice Eve, Emma Thompson, Bill Hader, Nicole Scherzinger and Michael Stuhlbarg. MIB3 will be released in theaters on May 25, 2012.

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