Men In Black 3 to Begin Shooting in Spring?

Men In Black 3 to Begin Shooting in Spring?

Last September, producer Walter Parkes mentioned the sequel would be on its way if things started to fall into seems they may have.

Movie sequels will continue as long as the box office numbers continue generating the figures that studios are pleased with. But everything must be in line if the film will be successful; original cast, right story, etc.

While talking to Parade Magazine, producer Walter Parkes said,"The challenge is getting the script right and finding a time when our busy stars are available," he said. "But everyone, including Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones, wants to do another."

During the recent Showest; the most exclusive and longest running event for the film and distribution community, Rory Buer, president of Sony Pictures Entertainment, gave a brief update mentioning along with "spider-Man 4" and "Ghostbusters 3," "Men in Black 3" is in active production.

Ethan Cohen has recently been given the task of writing a script for the sequel. Cohen is responsible for creating the script for "Tropic Thunder." There's currently no deal at the moment for the original director of the film as well as Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones, but apparently Smith is interested in returning to the sequel.

On a budget of $90 million, the original film earned well over $589 million at the box office worldwide. As for "Men in Black II," the film had a production budget of $140 million, which went then earned $441 million worldwide. The film is supposed to begin shooting next spring but without the three individuals on board, it seems Sony has a lot of work to do.

Whispers68: I hope the original cast comes back this time around because the film was a success due to the lineup of characters. More than likely Sony will do everything in its powers to bring back Smith and Jones, along with the original director
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