MEN IN BLACK 3: What Are The Critics Saying So Far?

MEN IN BLACK 3: What Are The Critics Saying So Far?

It's not out until next Friday, but we already have a number of early reviews for Men in Black 3. Hit the jump to take a look at what the verdict on the third instalment in the franchise is thus far.

Still can't decide whether or not you want to see Men in Black 3 next week? Well, you may want to hold off on making a decision until the rest of the reviews start coming in, but we do have a handful for you to check out here after the threequel was screened in the UK earlier this week. While one or two aren't that favourable, the general consensus so far seems to be that it's a film well worth checking out. Have a read of the excerpts below and be sure to click on the various links for the full-length versions.

Men in Black 3 avoids the threequel curse of the likes of Spider-Man 3 and X-Men: The Last Stand and instead ends up being the best film in the Men in Black franchise. Fantastic fun which will leave you wanting more.


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The feted Apollo 11 mission to the moon provides a suitably earthmoving backdrop for the grand finale and the moment is given added weight because Sonnenfeld has taken the time to build on the agents' friendship. Of course, it stops short of profound, but this is a funny, exciting, spectacular and surprisingly poignant thrill-ride - definitely worth two of your Earth hours.


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Thankfully there’s just enough zest in certain scenes (a sequence at Andy Warhol’s Factory is excellent) to make the possibility of a MIB4 (perhaps with Brolin coming to the future to team with Smith and Jones) relatively palatable. In about 20 years’ time, obviously. Despite some good moments, Agents J, O and K are missing an E.


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The story, despite all the aliens (including Gaga and Bieber in cameo roles), takes on a ghostly, dreamy, vibe, at times somewhere between Harry Potter and The Time Traveller’s Wife. Will Smith switches effortlessly between adventure – his knee-jerking time leap making the 3D specs worthwhile – humour, when he nicks a car before being accosted by a pair of bigoted 1969 cops – and sentimentality as he uncovers the motivations and moods of the curmudgeonly K. Just as Agent J discovers when he’s tottering around on top of the Chrysler building ready to risk his life for his partner, it’s all about perfecting the balance.


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It’s too bad. Men in Black is one of those great Hollywood movies that should have spawned a great series. Instead it sits alongside the likes of RoboCop, The Matrix and Ghostbusters as a series where we look back and go, "Well, the first one sure was awesome."


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he franchise has never been one for high concept storytelling, going straight for the visual every time, and this instalment is no different. You could happily watch it without seeing the previous instalments but those who have will enjoy the invented back-story between the two beloved leads. It’s a testament to Josh Brolin’s uncanny impression of a younger, less jaded K that means we feel like we’ve had our J and K fix, despite Jones only appearing for 15 minutes. Whilst MIB III wraps up the series neatly, there’s talk of a fourth already and you can’t help but feel the joke is wearing a little thin.


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It’s neither a disaster, nor a roaring success. Not as good as Men In Black, but superior in almost every way to the risible sequel. Few things in life are worth waiting a decade for, and this isn’t one of them, but after witnessing so many big-screen sci-fi comebacks go so hideously wrong in recent years, Men In Black 3 emerges as something of a triumph.


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Will Smith as Agent J
Tommy Lee Jones as Agent K
Josh Brolin as Young Agent K
Rip Torn as Chief Zed
Emma Thompson as Agent O
Alice Eve as Young Agent O
Nicole Scherzinger as Lilly
Bill Hader as Andy Warhol

RELEASE DATE: May 25th, 2012.

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