Ask Mattel - September 2011 Edition

Ask Mattel - September 2011 Edition

Welcome to our September edition of "Ask Mattel". We ask Mattel your burning questions about your favorite collectibles!

This is the first of a monthly segment in which, I will talk with Mattel and get their answers to your questions. So, let us get started with the September edition below!

John Arturo - Can you elaborate on what kind of figures we will be getting in the future? I know DC Universe Classics is ending and, and it will be rebranded, but some collectors are scared that we will be getting same scale figures like "Missle Strike" Batman or "Baseball Player" Superman.

Mattel - Although DC Universe Classics is ending, DC Universe 6” figures are not. Fans can still expect to see 6” DC Universe figures at retail in 2012.

John Arturo - Will we be getting lots of DCnU figures in the rebranded DCUC line?

Mattel - We have not yet revealed the characters for the rebranded DC Universe line at retail, however know that the character selection will be geared towards recognizable characters from throughout the DC Universe and not necessarily the new 52.

John Arturo - I noticed that online vendors have cancelled some of the Young Justice two packs. Has this line already been cancelled?

Mattel - No, but there were some 2-packs that were originally scheduled for 2011 that then got moved to 2012. The cancellation notices that you saw weren’t indicative of a cancellation of the packs, just a postponement.

John Arturo - Can go into a little more detail about the reasons for canceling the DC Universe Classics line?

Mattel - The DC Universe Classics line had an amazing run over 20 waves with over 140 figures. We now wanted to offer something new. We will still be creating 6” figures, just with a new packaging look and new approach to character selection.

John Arturo - If the Infinite Club Subscription doesn't meet its requirement, will we someday see those figures already showcased at SDCC 2011?

Mattel - We’d love to bring those figures to life in the 2012 DC Universe Club Infinite Earths subscription program. If the program does not proceed, then we will evaluate options for those particular figures that you saw at SDCC 2011, as well as other similar figures.

If you have any questions for Mattel about any of their product offerings, leave your comments below! The five best or most intriguing questions will be submitted for October.

John Arturo
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