Brand-New All Star Converse Chuck's Featuring Wonder Woman And Killer Croc!

Brand-New All Star Converse Chuck's Featuring Wonder Woman And Killer Croc!

Make the jump to check these new Chuck Taylor's from Converse for DC Comics.

DC Comics have made a deal with Converse by putting Wonder Woman and Killer Croc onto their Chuck Taylor All Star range. Killer Croc is a definite buy for me, what about you?

Here’s what the PR says:

The Converse Wonder Woman Chuck Taylor All Star shoe features a red, white and blue pop art motif and American flag detail centering around Wonder Woman who is pictured on the lateral side of the shoe with her signature logo scrawled across the interior.
The embodiment of female empowerment since her inception in 1940, Wonder Woman is among America’s most iconic comic book heroes and a perfect match for Converse’s most classic Chuck Taylor All Star silhouette.
The Converse Killer Croc Chuck Taylor All Star shoe showcases one of Batman’s most notorious villains
Pictured crawling along the peripheral of the shoe surrounded by a green splatter paint effect.
Killer Croc’s reptilian scales are also mirrored throughout the shoe, creating an almost tangible texture and one that is sure to stand out on the streets of Gotham City.

Heres some of there older lines:

They’ll be onsale for $59.99 at branches of Journeys – Wonder Woman from April 2nd, Killer Crocs from April 9th

Heres the link:
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