CBM Collectors Collections - brokenenglish101

CBM Collectors Collections - brokenenglish101

Today we take a look at the collection of ComicBookMovie.com member Andrew Lippincott better known as brokenenglish101. Andrew has a nice collection of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles!

John Arturo - When did you start collecting and how did you get into the hobby?

brokenenglish101 - When I was a kid my mom would come home every once in awhile with a stack of random issues of comic books. After that I was hooked. And I was always a huge fan of the Spider-man, X-men, Batman, etc. Saturday morning cartoons...So of course comics were just the right push towards an insane spiral of super hero addiction.

John Arturo - Your collection seems to contain lots of TMNT. Why so much love for the turtles?

brokenenglish101 - The turtles were always around while growing up. I received a lot of the toys for birthdays and holidays. It was like living in the "We Wish You a Turtle Christmas" video. So I would have to say the availability is the main reason.

In my opinion the Turtles are the ultimate creation in history.

John Arturo - Do you collect anything else?

brokenenglish101 - I also collect music. Mostly vinyl. Lets just say my dad's music collection puts my collection to shame. His house is like a music store. Also tattoos - if you count that kind of thing.

John Arturo - What are your favorite collectible companies?

brokenenglish101 - Mirage, DC, Marvel, etc...

John Arturo - What is your favorite part of collecting?

brokenenglish101 - Getting old and never having to forget my earliest memories.

John Arturo - What is the key thing you look for in an item you want to add to your collection?

brokenenglish101 - Ideally, is this item in good enough condition to collect? I look for things that are vintage. Sometimes its as easy as, "Will this fit on my shelf at home...?"

John Arturo - What does your significant other think of your collection?

brokenenglish101 - I think she likes it... She says, "I have a ton of horror movie memorabilia that I like to collect so, its nice to have more fun stuff in the house to look at. I don't mind his collection at all! I like that we both love movies, music and things of the sort."

Hell, she took the photos of my collection for this website!

John Arturo - What is your favorite movie?

brokenenglish101 - Hands down BEETLEJUICE! Best theatrical character ever.

John Arturo - What is your favorite piece from your collection?

brokenenglish101 - The autographed Beetlejuice picture signed by Michael Keaton, which my girlfriend got for me for our anniversary.

John Arturo - What are some items you are most looking forward to adding to your collection?

brokenenglish101 - Off the top of my head, the large Ninja Turtles and Shredder busts from Sideshow Collectibles as well as their new series of comic books that are coming out each month. Basically anything DC, Marvel or otherwise I am lucky enough to get my hands on...

John Arturo - Finally, what is your favorite aspect of ComicBookMovie.com?

brokenenglish101 - I like the constant updates on all the new movies that are coming out. It seems like recently most of the movies being released are either remakes or comic book adaptations so I like to see whats going on with those.

If you want to know more about collecting statues/high end items, or just want to see what kind of interesting collectibles are out there, visit my statue devoted site Lethal Farce.

If you have a collection (don't worry about the size, it could be 4-5 items and that is still a collection right?) and want me to showcase it on the site, then shoot me an email by clicking the "Contact Me" link here. I will shoot you a few questions to answer to go along with the images and once a week we will showcase a users collection on here.

John Arturo
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