CBM Collectors Collections - KaijuNerd98

CBM Collectors Collections - KaijuNerd98

Today we take a look at the collection of Ramsey Strickland better known as KaijuNerd98. KaijuNerd98's collection focuses on Godzilla and everything related to the movie monster!

John Wilbanks - When did you start collecting and how did you get into the hobby?

KaijuNerd98 - When I was younger, there used to be a store with nothing but monster merchandise and movies. The Bandai Gamera 1995 was the first monster toy I ever had. As I got older and got      into using the Internet and eBay, I started seeing what other cool and interesting monster figures and movies there were. By 2005, I had started building the collection I have today.

John Wilbanks - Your collection is focused on Godzilla.  There seems to be a lot of Godzilla fans coming out of the woodwork here.  What makes Godzilla special to you?

KaijuNerd98 - I’ve been a fan of Godzilla movies since I was a child. “Godzilla vs. Gigan” and “Godzilla vs. Megalon” were the films I remember watching the most on VHS tapes. I always would check the Sci-Fi channel looking for when they would do their Godzilla marathons as well as when “Mystery Science Theater 3000” would play some of the monster movies as well. Gamera was also a monster series my parents had shown me. What makes Godzilla special to me is the variety of monsters, the unique storylines, and the style and technique done for the special effects (especially by the great Eiji Tsuburaya) in the series. It also got me interested in many other Tokusatsu shows from Japan as well.

John Wilbanks - Do you collect anything else?

KaijuNerd98 - Marvel Comics (mostly ones by Mark Millar).

John Wilbanks - What are your favorite collectible companies?

KaijuNerd98 - Bandai is my favorite collectibles company. They make their monster figures with great detail and a very accurate depiction. Plus they have a great amount of figures from the series.

John Wilbanks - What is your favorite part of collecting?

KaijuNerd98 - It gives me something to look around for at many places and countries I go to. And being able to look upon all I’ve collected on my shelves in my room.

John Wilbanks - What is the key thing you look for in an item you want to add to your collection?

KaijuNerd98 - I mostly look for any Bandai figures from the 6 inch series. Any other Japanese movies or TV shows with monsters, or unique or supernatural stories and characters as well as any other monsters movies from different countries.

John Wilbanks - What does your significant other think of your collection?

KaijuNerd98 - Don’t really have a significant other at the moment.

John Wilbanks - What is your favorite movie?

KaijuNerd98 - That’s a hard choice to make, but I would have to say “Godzilla, Mothra, King Ghidorah: Giant Monsters All-Out Attack” or “GMK” as it’s also called. The film has a unique take on the Godzilla origins and has my favorite designs of Godzilla and Ghidorah. Plus I'm glad they finally brought back one of my favorite monsters: Baragon.

John Wilbanks - What is your favorite piece from your collection?

KaijuNerd98 - My favorite figure would have to be the Bandai Baragon (1992). When I first started collecting, that was the main figure I wanted to get the most.

John Wilbanks - What are some items you are most looking forward to adding to your collection?

KaijuNerd98 - Well I started off with attaining every 6 inch Bandai Godzilla figure. Since I got one of every monster I wanted from that series, I’m trying got more into the Ultra Monster Bandai series and some of the 8 inch Bandai Godzilla figures like the Toho King Kong (1962) figure. I’m also looking for any Tokusatsu shows from the 60s and 70s era.

John Wilbanks - Finally, what is your favorite aspect of ComicBookMovie.com?

KaijuNerd98 - The fact that this website gives all the interesting news on new comic series and upcoming movies, and any info on comic related news.

Are you into Godzilla and want to add a Godzilla collectible to your collection? Try the Godzilla SH Monster Arts Action Figure from Bandai!

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If you have a collection (don't worry about the size, it could be 4-5 items and that is still a collection right?) and want me to showcase it on the site, then shoot me an email by clicking the "Contact Me" link here. I will shoot you a few questions to answer to go along with the images and once a week we will showcase a users collection on here.

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