CBM Collectors Collections - Nuck82

CBM Collectors Collections - Nuck82

Today we take a look at the collection of Nuck82. Nuck82's collection features nice Marvel comics as well as a few sports related pieces from the Packers.

John Arturo - When did you start collecting and how did you get Into the hobby?

Nuck82 - I started collecting comics when I was around 8, still remember riding my bike to the comic store. I didn't start collecting comic collectible's until this past year.

When i was younger my dad told me to make sure to keep my comics, and in a safe place. He was really into the war comics of the 50's and 60's, sgt rock and nick fury, but his mom through them all away and he regrets that happening even now, so i still have every comic book I every bought. 10% of my comic collection is Mickey Mouse and Roger Rabbit. lol

John Arturo - Your collection seems to contain lots of "super-deformed" or "big-headed" character. What draws you to these types of collectibles?

Nuck82 - lol I don't know, I just saw marvel mighty muggs this past year and I just thought they were so cool. I see them as statues, but a lot cheaper.

John Arturo - Do you collect anything else?

Nuck82 - What you see is what I have. I have a lot of hobbies, my right forearm is huge!

John Arturo - What are your favorite collectible companies?

Nuck82 - I'd have to say Diamond Select Toys, they put so much detail into there stuff.

John Arturo - What Is your favorite part of collecting?

Nuck82 - My growing collection of old comics.

John Arturo - What Is the key thing you look for In an Item you want to add to your collection?

Nuck82 - If I see something and think, wow that's bad ass!

John Arturo - What does your significant other think of your collection?

Nuck82 - I think she's good with it, every time we go to a store that has toys she looks down the toy aisle with me to see if any new mighty muggs have come out, but when my collection got moved from the back house to our office, she made sure I made everything look nice and had to ask her, "does this look like a good spot", before I put a hole in the wall. lol

John Arturo - What Is your favorite movie?


John Arturo - What Is your favorite piece from your collection?

Nuck82 - Out of my statues It would be my Cyclops, and comics, my X-Men #6, #19, my complete dark Phoenix saga, and my DD #7

John Arturo - What are some Items you are most looking forward to adding to your collection?

Nuck82 - I'd love to get a real cap shield and Thor hammer. and I'm always looking for a sweet ass old comic to add to my collection, if the price Is right.

John Arturo - Finally, what Is your favorite aspect of ComIcBookMovIe.com?

Nuck82 - Meeting some good "Internet" friends the past 2 years.

If you have a collection (don't worry about the size, it could be 4-5 items and that is still a collection right?) and want me to showcase it on the site, then shoot me an email by clicking the "Contact Me" link here. I will shoot you a few questions to answer to go along with the images and once a week we will showcase a users collection on here.

John Arturo
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