Cool Stuff From A SuperHeroStuff Staff Member

Cool Stuff From A SuperHeroStuff Staff Member

I feel that my family and the big man in red probably will not endulge in my collection of Stuff. Regardless if I get anything I can add to my collection, at least I can be happy that a lot of cool people saw my list of things I want.

What I want for Christmas or (Stuff That I think is Cool)

Following is a list of 'Stuffs' I want for Christmas or that I think is just plain cool. Oh, I've included a gift for the CBM fans, too. I don't want to date myself, but I am a child of the 80's. Star Wars stuff is probably my favorite collection of gifts that I can ever receive. There are many other characters, superheroes, and cartoons that I love and collect. Most of these items were popular in the 80's. However, to me, that is the best thing about comic books and comic book movies...They span the generations.

My Friend Samantha Sam Sam i.e. my gift to you

Now don't get me wrong. I think Sammie is a beautiful woman with excellent taste in both Cosplay and SuperHeroStuff, but she is not my object of desire here. My point here is that the Star Wars Stuff at SuperHeroStuff is so cool that it spans the great gender divide. May the Force Be With You.

Oh, and I couldn't wait to share just one of the many new modeling shots that we just got in from Samantha.

Marvel Heroes Metal Bottle Opener

I just think this is plain cool. I like comics, superheros, and beer (not in that order). This is the perfect tool for a guy like me. Actually, my next 'like' is the perfect tool. Combine the next one with this one and I will never be thirsty again.

Punisher Tribal Skull Blue Web Belt

Based on my previous description how does this relate to a bottle opener? Not only are our web belts awesome...wait for it...The back of the buckle is a fricken bottle opener! No S#$*! We don't even advertise that. I found out when I bought a Batman belt and realized as I was adjusting it to my size that there is a bottle opener on the buckle. How cool is that?!

Thundercats Screen Print Symbol T-Shirt

I like Thundercats. I'm not even gonna get clever. I just like 'em. I never missed an episode back in '84 - '85. Awesomeness.

Batman Dark Knight Symbol Black Peruvian Beanie

The Batman Dark Knight Symbol Black Peruvian Beanie is for you fans of Batman and...Peruvian styled beanies! We're sure that there are a lot of you out there! The Batman Dark Knight Symbol Black Peruvian Beanie's shell is made from 100% acrylic and the inner lining is a soft 100% polyester. Of course, this wouldn't be a Peruvian styled beanie without the tassels on the ear flaps. Take all of those facets and add the newly minted Dark Knight symbol from Christopher Nolan's Batman trilogy and you have yourself a great beanie!

These are just a hndful of items I think are cool, want for myself, or might already own. I hope you can concure or at least appreciate decent taste when you see it. I hope you get something you want this holiday season. If you don't...well, you know where to shop.

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