Does Action Figure Reveal Mysterious New TDKR Character?

Does Action Figure Reveal Mysterious New TDKR Character?

io9 have just posted an image of a previously unseen action figure from the TDKR toy line. Is it a young Ras Al Ghul? John Blake in an eventual costume? Someone else entirely? Have a look and see what you think..

The following images of Dark Knight Rises toys from the Quick Tek line could potentially reveal a brand new movie character. .

We know actor Josh Pence will be playing a younger version of Ras Al Ghul in the movie so that's a good bet. Then again it does look very like Christian Bale, and that would mean we would either be getting a Bruce Wayne flashback to when he was a member of the League OF Shadows, or he will don their garb again for some reason. The more outlandish theory is that it could be Joseph Gordon Levitt's character John Blake, when he eventually (still just a rumor of course) gets a costume of his own on and backs up/steps in for Batman. Or, it could just be something like "League Of Shadows member #3". What do you guys think?

As an extra, here is a new (low-res) promo image of Anne Hathaway as Catwoman..

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