FEATURE: User Anthony Stark's Christmas Wishlist 2013

FEATURE: User Anthony Stark's Christmas Wishlist 2013

Christmas will be upon us soon, and there's still a couple of days left, so hopefully I can give you guys some ideas on things to get for yourselves, or a friend. Hit the Jump and Take a look at some things that I want to unwrap on Christmas Day.

T-shirts have kinda been my thing, so I thought I should put on the list this awesome Tingling Electronic Spidey Sense Shirt, with no radioactive spider-bite required. Available at Think Geek.

I'm a big fan of Jim Lee's artwork, and I've wanted at least one of his posters for a while, and so the main one that I want is Superman, from #204, available from Zazzle.

With all the books around my place, it would be nice to have some bookends. And what better ones than The Worlds Finest, especially with the upcoming film. Available at Big Bad Toy Store.

With my excitement for what Marvel will do with their Cinematic Phase 2, 3, and beyond, I hope to get the Marvel Cinematic Universe: Phase One - Avengers Assembled set. Available at Amazon.

If you guys thought that the Tingling Electronic Spidey Sense Shirt was the only shirt I wanted, you are mistaken. Another thing I want to add to my wishlist is the Batman Lightning Strikes T-Shirt from SuperHeroStuff.

And for My final thing to add to the list, the all-new Captain America: The Winter Soldier t-shirt, now available for pre-order from Comics Infinity!

And that's everything! Hope some of this stuff caught your eye. Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year, everyone!

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