Guyver anime action figure on display!

Guyver anime action figure on display!

Click this article to take a look at the 1/6 scale anime Guyver 1 action figure!

Guyver 1 anime action figure which was made by MaxFactory.

The amazing thing about the Guyver 1 anime action figure is that MaxFactory used diffrent molds seperate for each Guyver action figure. This gives the Guyver 1 action figure a smaller size (in height)compared to the Guyver 3 action figure. In other words the Guyver 3 action figure is taller then the Guyver 1 action figure(just like in the anime).


Guyver 1 comes with the same interchangeble parts as Guyver III ( the punch, the hold and the palm) But he also comes with an extra which is the Unit-G (a small replica of the unactivated Unit-G capsule).

Some claim this model(of Guyver 1) is a limited edition on e bay (but its not true).

What do you think of the anime Guyver 1 action figure?
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