Hasbro Selling a 2-Foot Tall TRANSFORMERS Metroplex SDCC 2013 Exclusive Figure

Hasbro Selling a 2-Foot Tall TRANSFORMERS Metroplex SDCC 2013 Exclusive Figure

A new 2013 San Diego Comic-Con exclusive figure has been added! Hasbro will now have a humongous 2-foot tall Transformers Metroplex available. Details and photos after the jump...

A late arrival to the SDCC 2013 exclusive list for Hasbro has been revealed and it's big. Really, really big! Even bigger than Fortress Maximus!

Transformers fans can rejoice now that a 2-foot Metroplex figure will be available in limited quantities at Comic-Con! However, it needs to be noted, there will be a similar-sized retail store version available at some point this holiday season. So if you can't get your hands on the SDCC exclusive one, you'll have another chance to land this giant Autobot.

The Transformers website Seibertron.com received the SDCC exclusive early from Hasbro to preview it, and here are the details of this giant-sized Transformer followed by some images of it too.

"Includes: METROPLEX figure, Scamper figure, 2 blasters, 2 projectiles, 12 non-converting mini-figures (Hoist robot, Hoist vehicle, Trailbreaker robot, Trailbreaker vehicle, Orion Pax robot, Orion Pax vehicle, Megatron robot, Megatron vehicle, Bumblebee robot, Bumblebee vehicle, Thundercracker robot, and Thundercracker vehicle)

Approximate retail price: $149.99"

And this final photo compares the retail store version (out of its box) to the SDCC exclusive.

For centuries, METROPLEX slumbered, his form melded into the avenues of the great metropolis Iacon. His arsenal, hidden and dormant, lurked behind sealed hatches, the citizens of the vast city never suspecting the devastating power that slept beneath their feet. And yet METROPLEX listened, sensors open across the acres of his body, waiting for the call that would awaken him. Waiting for the order that would summon him forth to battle. Waiting for the last of the Primes.

War raged. Weapons of incredible power cratered and scarred the city around him. Thousands of Cybertronians lay shattered and deactivated in his streets. And still he waited, his Spark yearning for the call that would bring him to the defense of the defenseless millions who still called him home.

Finally, the last Prime came, and METROPLEX awakened. His shadow fell across the burning towers of Iacon. His weaponry revealed and unleashed apocalyptic vengeance on those who had assaulted his city. The DECEPTlCONĀ® horde broke and fled before him. For the call of the Prime had been heard, and the last of the great Titans of CYBERTRON went to war.

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