March Madness for Superheroes!

March Madness for Superheroes!

WIN A $50 GIFT CARD: Ever wondered who would win in a one-on-one basketball match? The staff at have set up a Sweet Sixteen tournament for some of the favorite or most popular Super heroes and villains. But no matter who claims the title you win!


Super Hero One-on-One Basketball Basketball Tourny

NCAA March Madness starts tomorrow but the March Super Hero Madness has already started at Superherostuff. It is a One-on-One Basketball match between superheroes from both Marvel and DC and even some other fan favorites. The Best part is you help decide who wins each round and by doing so you could win a $50 gift card to And there is another bonus: for the 2 superhero finalists everything on the site will discounted another 20% from March 23-26th! Each day one match will be voted on and the winner will advance. To vote and get in on the action go to: Superherostuff Sweet 16 Bracket.

The tournament has two eight man brackets leading to the Intergalactic Champion. One of the eight man brackets is labeled DC and the other bracket is labeled Marvel, but each has one wildcard entry! The first round of action on the DC side of the bracket has a classic matchup between Batman and Superman. The other matchups include Flash vs Nightwing, Wonder Woman vs Green Lantern, and Darth Vader vs Joker. The Marvel side starts with Captain America taking on Spiderman which looks to be a very talented match up. That match is followed by Ironman vs Deadpool, Wolverine vs Thor, and finally in a David vs Goliath match we find Hulk vs the one and only Captain Kirk. Will the hero you like win it all in a basketball match? Can anyone beat Vader’s force dunk!? Support your favorite Superhero and help them get to the Final! To vote or see the previous rounds results visit Superherostuff Sweet 16 Bracket.
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