New HOT TOYS Figures Revealed at Ani-Com & Games Hong Kong

New HOT TOYS Figures Revealed at Ani-Com & Games Hong Kong

Ani-Com & Games Hong Kong is in full swing and that means tons of new images from your favorite collectibles companies from abroad. Hot Toys is on hand with loads of new figures!

Hot Toys has a nice display setup at the convention and have revealed several interesting new figures for their line. They have finally made use of their X-Men license and give us a preview of Professor Xavier from X-Men: First Class, as well as Wolverine from X-Men 3: The Last Stand movie.

Among other figures shown are Catwoman from The Dark Knight Rises, The Hulk from The Avengers, Chitauri from The Avengers, Robocop from the original movie, and our first real look at the Peter Parker head from The Amazing Spider-Man. Enjoy the images and try not to salivate too much on your keyboard.

As one of the best-known fairs in Asia, the annual Ani-Com & Games Hong Kong is the hottest event in Summer for the younger generation. It is packed with innovative products and activities related to animation, comics, online games, electronic games and edition collectibles.

John Wilbanks
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