No more Phase 1 Avengers Set?

No more Phase 1 Avengers Set?

Is it ever too late to pre-order something at least a month's notice? In this case it might be, Avengers Phase-1 collectors set coming out this late September is now under review.

Just a little under 24 hours ago Amazon has pulled the Avengers Phase 1 collectors set and is not under review, It has stopped taken orders and instead posted up a "alert me".

Disney\ Buena Vista's website ( has taken the set off their list for pre-orders and only lists the standard editions of the movies.

A while ago "SaintSpidey67Re" posted this article ago before the item is being pulled:

Seems like a while back when the German company Rimowa was reported to sue Disney for the copyright of their suitcase for collectors set has taken a new turn and is being reviewed even more under the scope since the movie is suppose to be released this September.

I am furious that I was just about to pre-order the set after finally deciding to pull the trigger on Amazon being the cheapest sale price for it.

What are your thoughts? And please if anyone who actually pre-ordered this let us know if you got a special e-mail or notice about this set.
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